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If you include a third-party driver in the Windows 95 PreinstallationExpress Mode using the technique described in the OPK User's Guide, youmight receive the following error during preinstallation:
Error SU0410

Cannot open <INF filename>. The file may be missing or damaged or there may not be enough memory to continue. Free some memory or increase your swapfile size, and then try running Setup again.
After clicking OK, preinstallation stops, and returns to a DOS prompt. Thedriver might install properly under different conditions, in either auditmode or normal operation.
One of the following causes might apply:
  • SIGNATURE line in the vendor's .inf file was incorrectly parsed, as well as a [load_inf] section in the Custom.inf file.
  • An .inf file is missing or damaged.
To resolve the first cause listed in the previous section, you can do oneof the following:

  • Change the SIGNATURE line in the vendor's main .inf file to read as follows:
    You will find this line in the [Version] section of the .inf file.
  • Remove the name of vendor's .inf file from the [Load_Inf] section of the Custom.inf file.
To resolve the second cause listed in the previous section, you need toverify that the vendor's .inf file is present and formatted correctly.Replace the .inf file with a known good copy if necessary.
Windows 95 driver .inf files might have one of the following SIGNATURElines:
   Signature="$CHICAGO$"   Signature="$Windows 95$"				
The Custom.inf section [Load_Inf] causes the .inf files listed to be loadedinto memory and parsed during the Hardware Detection phase of Setup. Duringthis phase, the Signature="$Windows 95" line is parsed incorrectly andconsidered invalid. The .inf file is not loaded, and Setup returns anSU0410 error.

In most cases, the [Load_Inf] section is not required to properly detectand install software support for third-party hardware devices.

Drivers with either of the two preceding signatures in the .inf fileinstall correctly under Windows 95, except in the early Hardware Detectionphase noted above.
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