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INFO: ActiveX Controls That Are Removed from Internet Explorer 5

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This article was written about products for which Microsoft no longer offers support. Therefore, this article is offered "as is" and will no longer be updated.
Some ActiveX controls that shipped with Internet Explorer 3.0x and 4.0x areno longer included with Internet Explorer 5.

Page authors should not assume that these controls are present on a machinerunning Internet Explorer. The removal of these controls from the InternetExplorer installation demonstrates clearly why page authors should use theCODEBASE attribute on any OBJECT tag.

These controls are the Label control (ielabel.ocx), Popup Menu control (iemenu.ocx), Timer control (ietimer.ocx),and Marquee control (marquee.ocx).
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Almost all of the functionality that these controls provide can be easilyachieved using Dynamic HTML. It is recommended that page authors replaceinstances of these controls in their pages with equivalent Dynamic HTML.

The following is a list of the controls that no longer ship with InternetExplorer, their class ID (CLSID), and the current location of thesecontrols. Use these URLs to specify the appropriate URL in the CODEBASEattribute of the OBJECT tag. (Alpha, x86, and MIPS versions are availablefor each control.)

This list also includes suggested alternatives for some of the controlsthat are no longer included with Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer Label Control


Internet Explorer Popup Menu Control


Internet Explorer Timer Control


Alternative: window.setTimeout() method of the document object model. In addition, window.setTimeout() is a cross platform solution that is not affected if the user has ActiveX controls disabled.

Internet Explorer Marquee Control


Alternative: <MARQUEE> HTML tag. This will decrease the download size of your Web page. Also, your page will not be affected if a user has ActiveX controls disabled.
NOTE: Internet Explorer 5, 5.01, and 5.5 remove these files from the System32 (or System, for Windows 9x) folder when Internet Explorer is upgraded from any 4.x version.

Programs that rely on these controls may require reinstallation of the controls to restore functionality.
For more information about developing Web-based solutions for Microsoft Internet Explorer, visit the following Microsoft Web sites:
iemenu ielabel ietimer marquee

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