How To Extract Information from Excel Sheet with DAO

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The Excel ISAM driver does not dynamically convert datatypes.
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If there is a column in your Excel spreadsheet that contains both text andnumbers, the ISAM will not be able to correctly interpret which datatype itshould be. Make sure that all the cells in a column are formatted tobe the same datatype. For example, you might have following data in fourcolumns in an Excel sheet:
   male   female children teens   11     cc     78       ee   22     xx     33       ff   45     uu     56       oo				

If you try to read the data through ISAM driver against the whole sheet,you will get the null values for first row. If you want to avoid this,create named ranges: one containing only the header information and anothercontaining the data information. For example:
   named range 'myRange1' :   male     female    children     teens   named range 'myRange2' :   11   cc   78   ee   22   xx   33   ff   45   uu   56   oo				

Now you can connect to Excel and request information only from theparticular named range. However, in one range, a particular column cancontain only one type of data.

How to Create a Range

Follow these steps in order to create a range:
  1. Highlight the data.
  2. From the menu bar, click Insert, and then click Name.
  3. Click Define, and then click Range name.
Note: The Refers to box will refer to your highlighted range. This should grow and shrink as data is inserted and deleted.

To retrieve your data, use the range name you just created for the table name in your select statement.

Excel Steps

  1. Create the Excel file, test.XLS, with following data in sheet1:
       excel File : test.xls with the following entries:        male  female    children   teens         11    cc       78           ee         22    xx       33           ff         45    uu       56           oo					
  2. Create the named range, myRange1 and myRange2, in the sheet containing the appropriate data.
          named range : myRange1      male female children teens      named range  : myRange2      11     cc   78   ee      22     xx   33   ff      45     uu   56   oo					

Visual Basic Steps

  1. Create a new standard EXE project called "DAO_EXCEL."
  2. From the Project menu, click References, and then select the Microsoft DAO 3.5 Library check box.
  3. Place a CommandButton on the form.
  4. Paste the following code in the form code window:
          private Sub Command_click1      im dbtmp As DAO.Database      im tblObj As DAO.TableDef      im rs As DAO.Recordset      et dbtmp = OpenDatabase_           ("<complete path>\test.xls", False, True, "Excel 8.0;")      DoEvents      Set rs = dbtmp.OpenRecordset("select * from `myRange2`")      While Not rs.EOF          For x = 0 To rs.Fields.Count - 1              Debug.Print rs.Fields(x).Value          Next          rs.MoveNext      Wend      End Sub      Note the reverse apostrophe "`" while specifying the range      name(myrange2).					
The following results are as expected:
  11  cc  78  ee  22  xx  33  ff  45  uu  56  oo				
Please refer to the documentation for how to connect to Excel through DAO.Another good reference will be the upcoming ADO->Excel reference.

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