WD97: Opening Word Document in Text Editor Displays Deleted Text

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If you open a Word for Windows document in a text editor such as WindowsNotepad, the file may contain text that was previously deleted.
This behavior is by design in Microsoft Word when you save a document withthe Allow Fast Saves option selected. Word records only the changes to thedocument and appends them to the end of the file. This means your documentstill contains the deleted text, even though it does not appear on thescreen. Word removes deleted text from your document only when you performa full save. (To display the Allow Fast Saves option, click Options onthe Tools menu, and click the Save tab.)
Use either of the following methods if you do not want a document tocontain deleted text.

Method 1: Disable Allow Fast Saves

To prevent a document from containing deleted text that someone could viewwith a text editor, disable the Allow Fast Saves option and perform a fullsave. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options, and click the Save tab.
  2. Click to clear the Allow Fast Saves check box.
  3. Save your document.
When you do this, Word incorporates all the changes into your document andremoves deleted text.

Method 2: Copy and Paste into a New Document

This method allows you to continue to use the Fast Save feature. To usethis method, follow these steps:

  1. When all final revisions are completed, select the entire document and click Copy on the Edit menu.
  2. Start a new document and click Paste on the Edit menu to copy the original document into a new document.
The new document will be free of previous editing changes (deleted text).
Word always performs a full save when the Allow Fast Saves option is turnedoff. In addition, even with the Allow Fast Saves option turned on, Wordperiodically performs a full save of your document.

The Allow Fast Saves option provides greater operating speed while workingin Word. It requires less time to append changes (fast save) than toincorporate them in your document (full save).
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