ActiveX controls supported by Visual FoxPro 6.0

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The table in the MORE INFORMATION section lists the ActiveX controls (.ocxfiles) that are shipped with Visual FoxPro 6.0. These ActiveX controls havebeen tested and are supported by Visual FoxPro 6.0.
The following is the list of the controls:
   File              Controls                  OleClass   -----------------------------------------------------------------   ComCtl232.ocx     Animation control         MSComCtl2.Animation.2                     DateTimePicker control    MSComCtl2.DTPicker.2                     MonthView control         MSComCtl2.MonthView.2                     UpDown control            MSComCtl2.UpDown.2   SysInfo.ocx       SysInfo control           SysInfo.SysInfo.1   RichTx32.ocx      Rich Textbox control      RichText.RichTextCtrl.1   PicClp32.ocx      PicClip control           PicClip.PictureClip.1   MSWinSck.ocx      WinSock control           MSWinsock.Winsock.1   MSMask32.ocx      Masked Edit control       MsMask.MaskEdBox.1   MSMapi32.ocx      MAPI Message control      MSMAPI.MapiMessage.1                     MAPI Session control      MSMAPI.MapiSession.1   MSInet.ocx        Microsoft Internet                     Transfer control          InetCtls.Inet.1   MSComm32.ocx      MSComm control            MSCommLib.MSComm.1   MSComctl.ocx      ImageCombo control        MSComCtlLib.ImageComboCtl.2                     ImageList control         MSComCtlLib.ImageListCtrl.2                     ListView control          MSComCtlLib.ListViewCtrl.2                     ProgressBar control       MSComCtlLib.ProgCtrl.2                     Slider control            MSComCtlLib.Slider.2                     StatusBar control         MSComCtlLib.SBarCtrl.2                     Toolbar control           MSComCtlLib.Toolbar.2                     TreeView control          MSComCtlLib.TreeCtrl.2   MSChrt20.ocx      MsChart control           MSChartLib.MSChart.2   MCI32.ocx         Multimedia MCI control    MCI.MMControl.1   Foxtlib.ocx       VFP FoxTlib control       FoxTlib.FoxTlibCtrl.1   Foxhwnd.ocx       VFP HWND control          FoxHwnd.FoxHwndCtrl.1				
Npte Any ActiveX control, not listed in the preceding table, has not beentested and may or may not be supported by Visual Foxpro 6.0.
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