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How To Print Preview in Visual Basic Applications

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This article shows you how to create a sample project that adds printpreview capabilities to your Visual Basic program by using a generic objectand the Printer object. The article assumes you are familiar with objectsand the Common Dialog control in Visual Basic.

Create the Sample Project

  1. Start a new Standard EXE project in Visual Basic. Form1 is created by default.
  2. Add a reference to the Microsoft Common Dialog Control 6.0 by completing the following steps:

    1. From the Project menu, select Components to display the Components dialog box.
    2. From the Controls tab, check Microsoft Common Dialog Control 6.0.
    3. Click OK to close the Components dialog box.
  3. Add three CommandButtons, two PictureBox controls, and one Common Dialog control to Form1.
  4. Copy the following code to the Code window of Form1:
          Option Explicit      Private Sub Form_Load()         CommonDialog1.CancelError = True         Command1.Caption = "Load Picture"         Command2.Caption = "Print Preview"         Command3.Caption = "Print"      End Sub      Private Sub Command1_Click()         Dim sFileFilter As String         On Error GoTo ErrHandler         sFileFilter = "Bitmap Files (*.bmp)|*.bmp|"         sFileFilter = sFileFilter & "GIF Files (*.gif)|*.gif|"         sFileFilter = sFileFilter & "Icon Files (*.ico)|*.ico|"         sFileFilter = sFileFilter & "JPEG Files (*.jpg)|*.jpg|"         sFileFilter = sFileFilter & "Windows MetaFiles (*.wmf)|.wmf"         With CommonDialog1            .Filter = sFileFilter            .ShowOpen            If .FileName <> " " Then               Picture2.Picture = LoadPicture(.FileName)            End If         End With         ErrHandler:            Exit Sub      End Sub      Private Sub Command2_Click()         Dim dRatio As Double         dRatio = ScalePicPreviewToPrinterInches(Picture1)         PrintRoutine Picture1, dRatio      End Sub      Private Sub Command3_Click()         Printer.ScaleMode = vbInches         PrintRoutine Printer         Printer.EndDoc      End Sub      Private Function ScalePicPreviewToPrinterInches _         (picPreview As PictureBox) As Double         Dim Ratio As Double ' Ratio between Printer and Picture         Dim LRGap As Double, TBGap As Double         Dim HeightRatio As Double, WidthRatio As Double         Dim PgWidth As Double, PgHeight As Double         Dim smtemp As Long         ' Get the physical page size in Inches:         PgWidth = Printer.Width / 1440         PgHeight = Printer.Height / 1440         ' Find the size of the non-printable area on the printer to         ' use to offset coordinates. These formulas assume the         ' printable area is centered on the page:         smtemp = Printer.ScaleMode         Printer.ScaleMode = vbInches         LRGap = (PgWidth - Printer.ScaleWidth) / 2         TBGap = (PgHeight - Printer.ScaleHeight) / 2         Printer.ScaleMode = smtemp         ' Scale PictureBox to Printer's printable area in Inches:         picPreview.ScaleMode = vbInches         ' Compare the height and with ratios to determine the         ' Ratio to use and how to size the picture box:         HeightRatio = picPreview.ScaleHeight / PgHeight         WidthRatio = picPreview.ScaleWidth / PgWidth         If HeightRatio < WidthRatio Then            Ratio = HeightRatio            smtemp = picPreview.Container.ScaleMode            picPreview.Container.ScaleMode = vbInches            picPreview.Width = PgWidth * Ratio            picPreview.Container.ScaleMode = smtemp         Else            Ratio = WidthRatio            smtemp = picPreview.Container.ScaleMode            picPreview.Container.ScaleMode = vbInches            picPreview.Height = PgHeight * Ratio            picPreview.Container.ScaleMode = smtemp         End If         ' Set default properties of picture box to match printer         ' There are many that you could add here:         picPreview.Scale (0, 0)-(PgWidth, PgHeight)         picPreview.Font.Name = Printer.Font.Name         picPreview.FontSize = Printer.FontSize * Ratio         picPreview.ForeColor = Printer.ForeColor         picPreview.Cls         ScalePicPreviewToPrinterInches = Ratio      End Function      Private Sub PrintRoutine(objPrint As Object, _                               Optional Ratio As Double = 1)         ' All dimensions in inches:         ' Print some graphics to the control object         objPrint.Line (1, 1)-(1 + 6.5, 1 + 9), , B         objPrint.Line (1.1, 2)-(1.1, 2)         objPrint.PaintPicture Picture2, 1.1, 1.1, 0.8, 0.8         objPrint.Line (2.1, 1.2)-(2.1 + 5.2, 1.2 + 0.7), _                        RGB(200, 200, 200), BF         ' Print a title         With objPrint            .Font.Name = "Arial"            .CurrentX = 2.3            .CurrentY = 1.3            .FontSize = 35 * Ratio            objPrint.Print "Visual Basic Printing"         End With         ' Print some circles         Dim x As Single         For x = 3 To 5.5 Step 0.2            objPrint.Circle (x, 3.5), 0.75         Next         ' Print some text         With objPrint            .Font.Name = "Courier New"            .FontSize = 30 * Ratio            .CurrentX = 1.5            .CurrentY = 5            objPrint.Print "It is possible to do"            .FontSize = 24 * Ratio            .CurrentX = 1.5            .CurrentY = 6.5            objPrint.Print "It is possible to do print"            .FontSize = 18 * Ratio            .CurrentX = 1.5            .CurrentY = 8            objPrint.Print "It is possible to do print preview"         End With      End Sub						
  5. On the Run menu, select Start, or press the F5 key to start the program. Click the Load Picture CommandButton to open the Common Dialog box. Select an appropriate graphic file and click OK. The graphic is displayed in a PictureBox. Click the Print Preview CommandButton to display the graphic and some text in the other PictureBox. Click the Print CommandButton to print the contents of the PictureBox.
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