HOWTO: Using Visual FoxPro Online Help Without Installing MSDN

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Previous versions of Visual FoxPro used a WinHelp implementation for onlinehelp. Since WinHelp is included as part of the operating system, it ispossible to simply copy a Windows help file (*.hlp) to the system andexpect to be able to view the contents of the help file. Visual FoxPro 6.0uses the HTML Help system for online context-sensitive help. In order to beable to view the HTML Help file for Visual FoxPro (FoxHelp.chm), thecorrect version of the HTML Help engine must be present. This articledescribes how to configure a system with the necessary version of the HTMLHelp engine without having to install the Microsoft Developer Network(MSDN).
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Configuring the System with the HTML Help Engine

  1. Insert the Visual FoxPro 6.0 CD or Visual Studio 6.0 Disk 1 CD.
  2. Open the HTMLHelp folder on the CD.
  3. Double-click the Htmlhelp.exe file.
  4. Proceed through the HTML Help Workshop Setup.
  5. Choose Custom Setup when given the option.
  6. Choose only HTML Help in the Custom Setup options dialog box.
  7. Complete the installation.
Once you have installed the HTML Help engine, you can view HTML Help fileson this system. You can configure Visual FoxPro to use the help filedirectly from the CD, or you can copy the help file (FoxHelp.chm) to yourVisual FoxPro directory. Use the Visual FoxPro Options dialog box toconfigure the location of the help file.

It is important to recognize that this method of installing online help forVisual FoxPro 6.0 is far from complete. This method enables you to view theVisual FoxPro help topics contained in the Foxhelp.chm file, but it doesnot provide online help for common components, such as ActiveX controls,Win32 API functions, and so forth. To ensure that you have installed allthe documentation for the various components, it is recommended that youinstall the Microsoft Developer Network.
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