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The Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 1 Readme contains thefollowing sections:

  • Overview
  • Installation
  • Notes on Fixes
  • Finding More Information
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The Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 1 addresses known binarycompatibility bugs with certain run-time redistributable files in VisualStudio 6.0. This Service Pack also provides all the source files and debugversions of the Microsoft Visual C++ run-time components for Visual C++developers.

Before installing this Service Pack, shut down any Visual Studioapplications. Install this Service Pack whenever you have updated orchanged any of the applications in Visual Studio to ensure that you havethe latest fixes.


To install the Service Pack, insert the compact disc into your computer'sCD-ROM drive. From the root directory of the Service Pack, run Setup. Setupwill detect the language of your computer's operating system and run one ofthe following setups:
\fra\setup (French)\deu\setup (German)\enu\setup (English)\jpn\setup (Japanese)\esp\setup (Spanish)\kor\setup (Korean)\chs\setup (Simplified Chinese)\cht\setup (Traditional Chinese)\ita\setup (Italian)				

If your language setting is not in this list, the English version of Setupwill run.

Determining the Files That Setup Installs

Setup might not install all the files included in this Service Pack on yourcomputer. If you do not have a copy of the file on your computer, or if thefile on your computer is a more recent version than the one in the ServicePack, Setup will not update the file on your computer.

Updating Files You Previously Modified

The primary way Setup determines which files to replace is by checking theversion information in a file's resources. However, some files, such astext files and non-binary files, have no resource information. In thesecases, Setup uses the time stamp to determine which files need to bereplaced.

If you have altered the time stamp on any of the Visual Studio componenttext files or files that do not have version information, then Setup maynot replace those files. Source files and header files are examples of somefiles you might have changed.

Determining the Update History of the Products Based on File Versions

To determine which updates have been made since the initial release of aproduct, you will need to examine the version number in the properties ofone or more files.

To determine the update status of a product:
  1. Look in the table below to determine which file you want to examine. In some cases, you may need to examine more than one file to determine fully the product's update history.
  2. For each file, right-click the file in Windows Explorer, then click Properties.
  3. Click the Versions tab, and compare the version listed with the version in the table.
The following table lists the developer tools that have been updated inthis Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack. It also lists the key files you shouldcheck to ascertain version information.
Product                    Files              Release        SP1Visual Studio 6.0          oleaut32.dll        2.30.4261   2.30.4265                           olepro32.dll        2.30.4261   2.30.4265                           asycfilt.dll        2.30.4261   2.30.4265                           stdole2.tlb         2.30.4261   2.30.4265Visual Basic 6.0           msvbvm60.dll        6.00.8176   6.00.8268Visual C++ 6.0             afxodlgs.h                           arccore.cpp                           ctlinplc.cpp                           dlgcore.cpp                           dlgprnt.cpp                           libcmt.lib                           libcmtd.lib                           libcmtd.pdb                           mfc42.dll           6.00.8168.0  6.00.8267.0                           mfc42.lib                                            mfc42.pdb                           mfc42d.dll          6.00.8168.0  6.00.8267.0                           mfc42d.lib                                            mfc42d.pdb                           mfc42u.dll          6.00.8168.0  6.00.8267.0                           mfc42u.lib                                            mfc42u.pdb                           mfc42ud.dll         6.00.8168.0  6.00.8267.0                           mfc42ud.lib                                            mfc42ud.pdb                           mfcd42d.dll         6.00.8168.0  6.00.8267.0                           mfcd42d.lib                                            mfcd42d.pdb                           mfcd42ud.dll        6.00.8168.0  6.00.8267.0                           mfcd42ud.lib                                            mfcd42ud.pdb                           mfcn42d.dll         6.00.8168.0  6.00.8267.0                           mfcn42d.lib                                            mfcn42d.pdb                           mfcn42ud.dll        6.00.8168.0  6.00.8267.0                           mfcn42ud.lib                                            mfcn42ud.pdb                           mfco42d.dll         6.00.8168.0  6.00.8267.0                           mfco42d.lib                                            mfco42d.pdb                           mfco42ud.dll        6.00.8168.0  6.00.8267.0                           mfco42ud.lib                                            mfco42ud.pdb                           mfcs42.lib                           mfcs42.pdb                           mfcs42d.lib                           mfcs42d.pdb                           mfcs42u.lib                           mfcs42u.pdb                           mfcs42ud.lib                           mfcs42ud.pdb                           msvcrt.dll          6.00.8168.0  6.00.8267.0                           msvcrt.lib                           msvcrt.pdb                           msvcrtd.dll         6.00.8168.0  6.00.8267.0                           msvcrtd.lib                           msvcrtd.pdb                           nafxcw.lib                           nafxcw.pdb                           nafxcwd.lib                           nafxcwd.pdb                           oledlgs2.cpp                           strftime.c                           uafxcw.lib                           uafxcw.pdb                           uafxcwd.lib                           uafxcwd.pdb                           viewcore.cpp                           winfrm.cppVisual J++ 6.0             msjavx86.exe        5.00.2922     5.00.2925                           classd.exe          5.00.2922     5.00.2925                           classr.exe          5.00.2922     5.00.2925				

Uninstalling the Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack

The Service Pack cannot be uninstalled independently of Visual Studio. Touninstall the Service Pack updates to a Visual Studio 6.0 tool, such asVisual C++, you must uninstall the tool. The Service Pack updates will beuninstalled with it. Then, reinstall the tools without the updates.

Notes on Fixes

Fixed Visual C++ Issues

The following Visual C++ issues have been fixed with this Service Pack:
193509 FIX: Exception When Calling strftime() Function

193272 FIX: MFC Doesn't Call CPrintDialog::OnInitDialog

193102 FIX: Assert in Appui1.cpp Line 215 in MFC SDI/MDI Application

193100 FIX: CString Serialization Causes Access Violation

193099 FIX: CDialog::Create() Returns Incorrect Value Calling EndDialog

192942 FIX: Call to CWnd::MoveWindow causes Stack Overflow

Fixed Visual Basic Issue

The following Microsoft Visual Basic issue has been fixed with this ServicePack:
192653 FIX: Eight or More ActiveX DLLs in Compiled Project Cause Error

If your applications download run-time components from the Web on setup,note that the following files have changed with this Service Pack:

Fixed Automation Issues

The following run-time issue has been fixed with this Service Pack.

Passing in an unallocated array for an out-only SAFEARRAY parameter to alate-bound method call will fail.

Updated Visual J++ Files

In response to the Automation issues, noted above, the Microsoft virtualmachine files were rebuilt. This change will be applied both on the machinewhere Visual J++ is installed, and also to the Visual J++ redistributablefolder, so that Visual J++ applications that are distributed will alsoinclude the updated Automation files.

To install and use the updated versions of the core Microsoft VM class files, runclassd.exe or classr.exe.

Finding More Information

For more in-depth information about the Visual Studio issues that are fixedin this Service Pack, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base articles availableat:To build a Visual Studio Service Pack query:
  1. Choose "Any Products" from the list.
  2. Click on more search options to get choices about how you will search.
  3. Set the search type to "Keyword or Boolean search."
  4. Enter one of the following as your search phrase:
    • For Visual Studio articles, enter kbvs600sp1fix.
    • For Visual C articles, enter kbvc600sp1fix.
    • For Visual Basic articles, enter kbvbp600sp1fix.
  5. Click "Find."
For the latest product information, see the Visual Studio Web site at:For more information on the Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 1, please seethe following articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: To obtain this service pack, please see:

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