WD2000: Sorting Nested Tables

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Unlike earlier versions of Word, in Word 2000 you can nest one table insideanother. Nesting one table inside another can cause some unexpectedbehavior when you sort a table that has another table nested in one or morecells in the column used to perform the sort.
During a sort, Word reorders the rows of the selected table but does notreorder the contents of the cells in the selected column. To sort a nestedtable, you must select a column in the nested table that you want to sort.This is similar to selecting the contents of a cell and sorting thecontents without sorting the table that includes them. In other words, eachnested table must be sorted separately; selecting a column that containsanother table will not cause the subordinate table to sort.

Columns that contain nested tables may not sort in the order expected. Thesort order depends on the contents and design of the nested tables. One wayto force a desired sort order is to manually place numbers or text prior tothe table in the cell that contains the table.

NOTE: The numbers and text used to force sort order may be formatted ashidden text. Hidden text can be displayed during the sort and then hiddenso that it does not appear in the output. The options for displaying orprinting hidden text are on the Tools menu, under Options, under the Printand View tabs. Text can be formatted as hidden text in the Font dialog boxon the Format menu.

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