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This article describes how to search a database using the LIKE parameter ina Structured Query Language (SQL) statement in either the Internet DatabaseConnector (IDC) Wizard or the Database Region Wizard of FrontPage.

This article assumes you have a basic knowledge of how to query a databaseusing Active Server Pages (ASP), Internet Database Connector (IDC) orHypertext Markup Language Extension (HTX) technologies in FrontPage.

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When used in a search, the LIKE parameter generates a result set based on aminimum amount of information typed into the form field of a HyperTextMarkup Language (HTML) form. For example, if you type "mic" (without thequotation marks) in the form field, the results may include Microsoft,microphone, microwave, and so forth.

To use the LIKE parameter in a SQL statement in FrontPage, start the IDCwizard or the Database Region Wizard, and use the following syntax in theSQL statement
   SELECT * FROM <Table Name> WHERE <Database Field> LIKE '%%%<HTML   Field>%%%'				
where <Table Name> is the name of a table in the database, <DatabaseField> is a field in that table, and <HTML Field> is the name of an HTMLform field on an HTML document (usually a text box).

The extra percentage signs around the HTML form field name act as wildcards so that the LIKE string can match multiple records. For example, ifyou entered this SQL code
   SELECT * FROM Employees WHERE Email Like '%%%Email%%%'				
And type volcano in the form field, allrecords that contain volcano.com in the email field are returned.

NOTE: This example works with the Volcano.mdb file that is included withthe ASP sample Web. For additional information please see the followingarticle in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
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If you use this query and the form field is blank when you submit the form,all records in the database will be returned. However, you can require thata value be entered before the form is submitted by using form fieldvalidation.
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