FILE: VB6Cli.exe Fixes License Problems with Visual Basic 6.0

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VB6Cli.exe is a utility that fixes design-time licenses used by ActiveX controls installed with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0.

NOTE: If you encounter this issue with Visual Basic version 5.0, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
181854 FILE: VB5cli.exe Fixes Visual Basic 5.0 Control Installation Problem
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Release Date: Oct-26-1998

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    FileName               Size   ---------------------------------------------------------   VBC6.EXE                 32k   ENTDAT.DLL               32k   LRNDAT.DLL               28k   PRODAT.DLL               28k   README.TXT               5k				
Contents of the README.TXT file included in VB6CLi.exe:

What is VB6Cli.exe?

VB6Cli.exe is a utility that is designed to fix design-time license problems with ActiveX Controls that ship with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. The utility does not fix third-party controls or controls that are not normally installed by Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, nor does it enable the use of Remote Data Object (RDO) objects in Visual Basic 6.0 Professional Edition. If you try to use RDO in Visual Basic 6.0 Professional Edition, you may also encounter symptoms II and IV below. The only way to enable RDO is to install Visual Basic 6.0 Enterprise Edition.

VB6Cli.exe will help correct problems with the following symptoms:

Symptom I

When trying to site a control within a project, Microsoft Visual Basic raises the following error dialog:
License Information For This Component Not Found. You Do Not Have An Appropriate License To Use This Functionality In The Design Environment.

Symptom II

When trying to compile a project, Microsoft Visual Basic raises the following error dialog:
Compile Error : Permission Denied

Symptom III

When using the Application Wizard, Microsoft Visual Basic raises an error dialog similar to:
60: Method ~ of Object ~ failed

Symptom IV

When trying to run a project, Microsoft Visual Basic raises the following error dialog:
Runtime Error '429' : ActiveX Component Can't Create Object

Which ActiveX controls does VB6Cli.exe work with?

The following is a list of ActiveX controls that VB6Cli.exe can fix:
ActiveX Control                     FileName        Version      Edition-------------------------------------------------------------------------ADO Data Control 6.0                 MSADODC.OCX    6.00.8171    L,P,EChart Control 6.0                   MSCHRT20.OCX    6.00.8177      P,EComm Control 6.0                    MSCOMM32.OCX    6.00.8169      P,ECommon Dialog Control 6.0           COMDLG32.OCX    6.00.8169    L,P,EData Bound List Controls 6.0        DBLIST32.OCX    6.00.8169    L,P,EDataGrid Control 6.0                MSDATGRD.OCX    6.00.8169    L,P,EDataList Controls 6.0               MSDATLST.OCX    6.00.8169    L,P,EDataRepeater Control 6.0            MSDATREP.OCX    6.00.8169      P,EFlexGrid Control 6.0                MSFLXGRD.OCX    6.00.8169    L,P,EHierarchical FlexGrid Control 6.0   MSHFLXGD.OCX    6.00.3005    L,P,EInternet Transfer Control 6.0         MSINET.OCX    6.00.8169      P,EMAPI Controls 6.0                   MSMAPI32.OCX    6.00.8169      P,EMasked Edit  Control 6.0            MSMASK32.OCX    6.00.8169      P,EMultimedia Control 6.0                 MCI32.OCX    6.00.8169      P,EPictureClip Control 6.0             PICCLP32.OCX    6.00.8169      P,ERemoteData Control 6.0               MSRDC20.OCX    6.00.8169        ERich Textbox Control 6.0            RICHTX32.OCX    6.00.8169    L,P,ESysInfo Control 6.0                  SYSINFO.OCX    6.00.8169      P,ETabbed Dialog Control 6.0           TABCTL32.OCX    6.00.8169    L,P,EWindows Common Controls-3 6.0       COMCT332.OCX    6.00.8169      P,EWindows Common Controls 5.0 (SP2)   COMCTL32.OCX    6.00.8022    L,P,EWindows Common Controls 6.0         MSCOMCTL.OCX    6.00.8177    L,P,EWindows Common Controls-2 5.0 (SP2) COMCT232.OCX    6.00.8022    L,P,EWindows Common Controls-2 6.0       MSCOMCT2.OCX    6.00.8177    L,P,EWinsock Control 6.0                 MSWINSCK.OCX    6.00.8169      P,EL = Learning EditionP = Professional EditionE = Enterprise Edition				

How do I use VB6Cli.exe?

VB6Cli.exe requires that an edition of Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 be installed on the system where the utility is going to be used.

Before running the VB6Cli.exe utility, make sure there are no other applications running.

Simply double-click on VB6Cli.exe through the Windows Explorer. The utility detects Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, and installs the required design-time licenses for the edition detected.

If successful, you will see a dialog box similar to the following:
"Enterprise Design Licenses Have Been Installed Successfully"
VB6Cli.exe also offers a silent mode. Running the VB6Cli.exe from a command prompt with a "/q" will run the utility without any user interface. Result codes can be captured and used by other applications to test if the licenses were installed.

Result Codes And Error Messages

Exit Code 0   : Licenses for that Edition were installedExit Code 1   : Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 was not detected on this systemExit Code 2   : Could Not Load A Support Utility LibraryExit Code 3,4 : At Least 1 Design License Was Not Properly InstalledExit Code 5   : Unable To Install Any Design LicensesExit Code 6   : There Was An Unspecified Error With The VBC6 Utility				


The utility discussed in this article is provided "as is" and Microsoft does not guarantee that it can be used in all situations. Although Microsoft support engineers can help with the use of this product, it is not supported. Use this tool at your own risk.
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