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Microsoft Exchange Server, version 5.5 has the ability to set up to 350 multiple Lightweight Directory Access protocol (LDAP) Referral servers for LDAP clients.

This ability can be useful if you have other organizations or foreign systems that you wish LDAP clients to be able to search for information on and can be centrally controlled on one server through the Admin.exe program in Exchange Server 5.5.
If an LDAP client requests information, the Microsoft Exchange Servercomputer returns the referrals to other servers that are within the scopeof the search, in addition to any entries that match the informationrequested.

For example, if a client searches on server A for the phone number for JohnBaker, but John Baker is in server B of another organization, server Aqueries the referral server server B to retrieve the information for theclient.

You can use the Referrals property page to specify the server outside ofyour organization that an LDAP client connects to for information.

To set up a LDAP Referral Server, perform the following steps:

  1. Start Admin.exe and connect to the Server that LDAP Clients will connect to.

    Example: Server1.Org1.com or Server1
  2. Go to the Protocols object beneath the configuration container and select the LDAP(Directory) Site Defaults.
  3. In properties, select the Referrals Tab and click on New.
  4. In the Server Name put the DNS Entry for the referral server.

    For Example: Server2.Org2.com
  5. In the Directory Name put the base directory name(Specified in RFC1779) of the referral.

    For Example: ou=Site2,o=Org2,c=us
  6. Leave the Port at 389 for LDAP

    NOTE: This port should be open if a firewall or proxy is used to connect to the other server.
  7. Leave the SSL Box unchecked unless your connection to the other server occurs using a Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) port.
  8. You can add up to 350 Referral Servers in the list.
  9. Highlight the Referral Server you want be the default and click on the Default Referral Button
After the steps above have been completed, configure an LDAP client byperforming the following steps:

  1. Start Outlook Express and configure a Directory Service. On the Tools menu, click Accounts, click Directory Service, click Add, and then click Directory Service.
  2. In the Internet Directory (LDAP) server, put the name of the server that clients will access.

    For Example (from step 1 above), Server1.Org1.com or Server1

    NOTE: The client should be able to ping the local server above before they can connect and referred to another server. For Example, Ping Server1.
  3. If Anonymous access is enabled on the LDAP Protocol, then make sure the "My LDAP server requires me to log on" option is not selected.
  4. Click Next, and say click "yes" to check e-mail addresses using this directory service.
  5. Click Next, and choose a Friendly name for this directory service name.

    For Example: Exchange Organization
  6. After this has been completed, click on Address Book, and then click Find.
  7. To search for users on the referral server(s), select the Exchange Organization from the Drop Down list, and type their name or wildcard.
For Example: Typing the beginning of a name or letter such as "J" or "Jo"without the quotes will display all the names in the Referral Server(s)that begin with "J" or "Jo" such as Joe, Joan, John, and so forth.

For additional information on setting up Outlook 98 clients to use LDAP, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
184212 OL98: (CW) How to Install and Use the LDAP Service
NOTE: Outlook Express may also be used as an LDAP Client to search referral servers.
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