SP4 Security Configuration Manager Available for Download

Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4 (SP4) includes Security Configuration Manager(SCM) as an optional component. SCM is an integrated security system thatgives administrators the ability to define and apply securityconfigurations for Windows NT Workstation and Windows NT Serverinstallations. SCM also has the capability to perform inspections of theinstalled systems to locate any degradation in the system's security. Forfurther information on SCM, including installation and usage instructions,refer to the Readme.txt file in the Mssce folder on your Windows NT 4.0Service Pack 4 CD-ROM.

NOTE: The Readme.txt file refers to the Security Configuration Manager asthe Security Configuration Editor. These names are interchangeable.
More information
The Web and ftp downloads of Service Pack 4 do not include the additionaloptional features that are available on the Service Pack 4 CD. For yourconvenience, Microsoft has posted SCM and the SCM Readme.txt file to thefollowing Internet location:

For more information on SCM, please see the following article in theMicrosoft Knowledge Base:

195509Installing SCM from SP4 Changes Windows NT 4.0 ACL Editor
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