How To Set Work Offline as the Default for Internet Explorer

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On Internet Explorer's File menu is a "Work Offline" item that togglesInternet Explorer between online and offline modes of operation.

When Internet Explorer is set to the offline mode, clicking on hyperlinksand updating channels that refer to online content causes a dialog box toappear asking if Internet Explorer should connect to the network todownload the requested content. If the connection is made, InternetExplorer will automatically change from offline mode to online mode for theremainder of the session or until you reselect Work Offline. If InternetExplorer is closed in Online mode, a registry key is written to indicatethis. The next time that Internet Explorer is opened it will be in onlinemode.

In some cases, you may want to have Internet Explorer open in offline mode,regardless of what mode it was in when it was closed. Often this is becausechannels or other automatic download mechanisms have been set up to pushcontent to the desktop, but the user does not want a potentially lengthyupdate each time Internet Explorer is started.
The offline mode that Internet Explorer starts in is determined by theregistry data value "GlobalUserOffline." Setting this data value to 1 willcause Internet Explorer to start up in offline mode. Because this value iswritten with the current offline state when Internet Explorer is shut down,it is necessary to toggle the value manually through the Registry Editorbefore Internet Explorer is started, or to run a program that use theRegistry APIs to change the setting.

For Windows 98, the "GlobalUserOffline" data value can be found under thefollowing key:
Under Windows NT 4 and Windows 2000, the key is as follows:
where SID is the security ID for the user who desires InternetExplorer to startup in offline mode.

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