PRB: "Read-Only" Message When Saving Changes to File

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After you edit a file in Visual InterDev 6.0, when you try to save it orview it by clicking View in Browser, the following message might appear:
   The file <path\file>, which you have asked to save, is read-only on   disk.				
Visual InterDev 6.0 handles editing, saving, and releasing working copiesof files differently compared to Visual InterDev 1.0.

When you release a working copy of a file in Visual InterDev 1.0, VisualInterDev 1.0 not only updates the server's copy of the file, but alsodeletes your local copy. As a result, your page and code disappear fromInfoViewer and your file's icon is unavailable in File View.

When you release a working copy in Visual InterDev 6.0, Visual InterDev 6.0leaves a local copy of the file on the workstation and in the editor window(if the editor window is open when the command is issued). The new title inthe title bar that appends the words [Read Only] after the file name andthe icon in front of the file in Project Explorer changes from a pencil toa padlock indicate that you now have a read-only copy of the code in theeditor. If you continue to edit the file and then you try to save it, thefollowing message appears:
   The file <path\file>, which you have asked to save or "View in Browser",   is read-only on disk.				
You can choose one of the following options in the message dialog box: SaveAs, Overwrite, Don't Save, Cancel, or Help.
If you do not want to lose the code that you added when the file was read-only, select Overwrite in the message dialog box. Note, however, that yourchanges will only be overwritten on the local copy of the file, not themaster copy. As a result, View in Browser shows the unmodified master copy(assuming the project is in master mode). To update the master with thechanges, select the file in the Project Explorer, right-click, and clickGet Working Copy. The system notices that you have two different versions,one newer one on the local computer and an older copy on the master. Thefollowing message dialog box appears:
   There is already a file with this name in your working directory. Do you   want to use it as your working copy?				
The dialog box includes the date and time of the both the master and localcopies. Click Use Existing File to select your local version. From theProject menu, select Web Files, and then choose Release Working Copy toupdate the master with the newer local version.

NOTE: It is probably more visually helpful to close a file out of theeditor before performing the Release Working Copy because when you re-openthe project in the editor Visual InterDev 6.0 will prompt you for a workingcopy or read-only copy.
This behavior is by design.

Steps to Reproduce Behavior

  1. Create a new project or use an existing project. Add a new Active Server Pages page or HTML page.
  2. Add a single line of code to the body of the file.
  3. Save the file, and leave it open in the editor.
  4. In the Project Explorer, right-click on the file and click Release Working Copy.
  5. Add another line of code in the file.
  6. Save the file or click Preview in Browser.

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