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How to get the WebBrowser object model of an HTML frame

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This article details the standard technique WebBrowser control hosts canuse to access the WebBrowser object model of frame windows in an HTML pageinside the control. This object model provides extra functionality that isnot exposed for the frame window through the HTML object model.
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The following code demonstrates how to access the WebBrowser Object Modelof frames in an HTML page to refresh the contents of each frame.

The most important piece of the code uses the IOleContainer::EnumObjectsmethod of the HTML Document object to enumerate embeddings on the page.Each of these embeddings represents a control on the page. By querying eachcontrol object for IWebBrowser2, this code can determine whether thecontrol is a sub-frame. And IWebBrowser2 represents the WebBrowser ObjectModel; if QueryInterface succeeds for this interface, the result is areference to the WebBrowser Object Model.
// Get the IDispatch of the documentLPDISPATCH lpDisp = NULL;lpDisp = m_webBrowser.GetDocument();if (lpDisp){   IOleContainer* pContainer;   // Get the container   HRESULT hr = lpDisp->QueryInterface(IID_IOleContainer,                                       (void**)&pContainer);   lpDisp->Release();   if (FAILED(hr))      return hr;   IEnumUnknown* pEnumerator;   // Get an enumerator for the frames   hr = pContainer->EnumObjects(OLECONTF_EMBEDDINGS, &pEnumerator);   pContainer->Release();   if (FAILED(hr))      return hr;   IUnknown* pUnk;   ULONG uFetched;   // Enumerate and refresh all the frames   for (UINT i = 0; S_OK == pEnumerator->Next(1, &pUnk, &uFetched); i++)   {      IWebBrowser2* pBrowser;      hr = pUnk->QueryInterface(IID_IWebBrowser2, (void**)&pBrowser);      pUnk->Release();      if (SUCCEEDED(hr))      {         // Refresh the frame         pBrowser->Refresh();         pBrowser->Release();      }   }   pEnumerator->Release();}
Note ActiveX controls hosted in an HTML page can use this technique in asimilar manner. In general, an ActiveX control that accesses the unsafeWebBrowser Object Model is not safe for scripting and should implementIObjectSafety interface accordingly for security.
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