XWEB: OWA Causes an Access Violation in MAPI

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When you use Outlook Web Access on a separate computer to access theMicrosoft Exchange Server computer, an access violation may occur. Theaccess violation may result in a Dr.Watson error message being displayedwith the following information in the Drwtsn32.log file:
   Microsoft (R) Windows NT (TM) Version 4.00 DrWtsn32   Copyright (C) 1985-1996 Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved.   Application exception occurred:      App: exe\inetinfo.dbg (pid=542)      When: 10/20/1998 @ 9:46:4.78      Exception number: c0000005 (access violation)				
Below is the thread that caused the fault. Please note that the threadinformation below was seen on an Alpha platform, however the problemexists in both the x86 and Alpha builds of Outlook Web Access.
   function: RtlpWaitForCriticalSection      77f1c4bc: a48421c0 ldq     t3,21c0(t3)      77f1c4c0: 20e72348 lda     t6,2348(t6)      77f1c4c4: 47ff0412 bis     zero,zero,a2      77f1c4c8: 449ff004 and     t3,#ff,t3      77f1c4cc: 44870492 cmoveq  t3,t6,a2      77f1c4d0: 47e90410 bis     zero,s0,a0      77f1c4d4: 47f2040c bis     zero,a2,s3      77f1c4d8: f4c00001 bne     t5,77f1c4e0       RtlpWaitForCriticalSection+b0      77f1c4dc: d35fff7e bsr     ra,77f1c2d8       RtlSetCriticalSectionSpinCount+d8      77f1c4e0: a0290000 ldl     t0,0(s0)FAULT ->77f1c4e4: a0610010 ldl     t2,10(t0)      77f1c4e8: 40603003 addl    t2,#1,t2      77f1c4ec: b0610010 stl     t2,10(t0)      77f1c4f0: a0a90000 ldl     t4,0(s0)      77f1c4f4: 47ff0411 bis     zero,zero,a1      77f1c4f8: 47ec0412 bis     zero,s3,a2      77f1c4fc: a0e50014 ldl     t6,14(t4)      77f1c500: 40e03007 addl    t6,#1,t6      77f1c504: b0e50014 stl     t6,14(t4)      77f1c508: a2090010 ldl     a0,10(s0)      77f1c50c: d34044b0 bsr     ra,77f2d7d0  ZwWaitForSingleObject      77f1c510: 2020fefe lda     t0,-102(v0)   FramePtr  RetAddr   Param1   Param2   Param3   Function Name   0328eda0  77f2c9e0  77f72110 00000000 00000000    NTDLL!RtlpWaitForCriticalSection   0328ee20  6fb21384  77f72110 00000000 00000000    NTDLL!RtlEnterCriticalSection   0328ee40  6fb210b8  77f72110 00000000 00000000 MAPI32!ScInitMapiX   0328ef50  6f09320c  77f72110 00000000 00000000 MAPI32!MAPIInitialize   0328ef70  6f08ec60  77f72110 00000000 00000000    CDO!CSession__M_ScLoadUserProfile   0328f600  6f08db04  77f72110 00000000 00000000    CDO!CSession__M_ScDo_Logon   0328f6d0  6f06db88  77f72110 00000000 00000000 CDO!CSession__V_HrInvoke   0328f6e0  6b616d08  77f72110 00000000 00000000 CDO!CDispatchObj__Invoke   0328f710  6b616d0c  77f72110 00000000 00000000 0x6b616d0c				
During the release of a handle, Outlook Web Access may lose securitycontext as a result of a messaging call, which eventually leads to anaccess violation in Inetinfo.exe.
To resolve this problem, obtain the latest service pack for Exchange Serverversion 5.5. For more information, please see the following article in theMicrosoft Knowledge Base:
191014XGEN: How to Obtain the Latest Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack

The English version of this fix should have the following file attributesor later:
Component: MAPI
   File Name    Version   -----------------------   Mapi32.dll   5.5.2446.0				
Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Microsoft Exchange Serverversion 5.5.
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