FIX: SQL Server 6.5 Service Pack 5a Fixlist

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The following is a list of fixes and various other improvements that have been made in the Microsoft SQL Server version 6.5 Service Pack 5a. For more information, contact your primary support provider.

Please note that workarounds described in these articles have been provided for your information only. It is not necessary to implement these workarounds if you have the updated software.

For more information about each corrected problem in SQL Server version 6.5 Service Pack 5a, use the Qxxxxxx number to query for the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

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197177 INF: How to Obtain SQL Server 6.5 Service Pack 5a



147830 FIX: Security Mgr w/ Long Group Names Can Cause SQL Shutdown
150458 FIX: Mirror Enabled After Losing Primary Device
151601 FIX: sp_OA Procedures Cause Memory Leak in SQLSERVR.EXE
152062 FIX: Query Times Out Too Early Under Multiprotocol Net-Library
154001 FIX: sproc Created but No Code in syscomments
155556 FIX: No Information Returned by xp_logininfo
155766 FIX: Perfmon Terminates While Monitoring SQL Procedure Cache
157804 FIX: Problem Using Xp_readerrorlog When Reading Large Errorlog
159042 FIX: DYNAMIC Cursor Fails to Release Sh_Page Lock

163082 FIX: Views Containing a UNION Resolve with Materializing Model
163152 FIX: Dump/Load May Fail to Work with Older Tape Drives and SCSI
164690 FIX: Insert/Update May Cause Client to Stop Responding
165510 FIX: Numeric and Decimal Datatypes Do Not Always Use an Index
166233 FIX: Unhandled Exception in SQL Server Using Keyset Cursors
166387 FIX: Striped Dumps May Cause Error 18001
166758 FIX: Dump File Handle Not Released After Error on Load Table
167603 FIX: LE Threshold Config. Values Do Not Take Effect Immediately
169492 FIX: Cannot Load a Table If the Owner Is Not SA or DBO
170295 FIX: Wrong Join Plan Selected That Causes Excessive Reads
170296 FIX: Deadlock on Table with Text/Image Column May Cause Errors
170507 FIX: READTEXT May Fail w/ Msg 7134 If Hard Coding Text Pointer
170616 FIX: Handled Exception Error Caused by Server Side Cursors
170803 FIX: Higher Cost Executing Query on View with Subquery
170994 FIX: Update View with Inner Join from Cursor Causes AV
171323 FIX: CmdExec May Cause Exception Violation on Scheduled Tasks
171867 FIX: Shared Intent Lock Acquired by READTEXT Are Not Released
172309 FIX: Infinite Loop When UPDATE of a Cursor with WHERE CURRENT OF
172571 FIX: AV Querying a View w/ CASE WHEN EXISTS and FORCEPLAN Is ON
173215 FIX: COMMIT TRAN Statement May Fail with Msg 602
173568 FIX: Managing Permissions Fails w/Err 21770 w/ User-Owned Tables
174483 FIX: Dumping to a DLT Tape Drive May Fail to Span Tapes
174484 FIX: Access Violation May Occur During a LOAD TRANSACTION
174853 FIX: Concurrent Xp_makewebtask May Cause an Access Violation
175126 FIX: Problems with Server Cursors on a Stored Procedure
175142 FIX: If ANSI_DEFAULTS On, Join Sequences in St. Procs Cause AV
175359 FIX: Force Index Option Fails with Temporary Tables in St. Procs
175789 FIX: Rebuilding Indexes w/ SQLMaint May Cause Incorrect Database
176092 FIX: Primary Key Violation Causes AV, Text Field Involved
176479 FIX: Double-Byte Character Set Insertion May Fail w/ Error 2627
176491 FIX: Err 1203 w/ SELECT ORDER BY DESC After an UPDATE in a Tran
176493 FIX: AV in Query w/Subselect on View w/JOIN and FORCEPLAN Is On
176684 FIX: Msdb..Syshistory Rows May Be Incorrectly Deleted
176999 FIX: DELETE Statement May Cause Server to Become Unresponsive
177114 FIX: Delete Using EXISTS & Subquery Doesn't Escalate Page Lock
178366 FIX: SELECT Into Variable with NO_BROWSETABLE Fails
178443 FIX: Regression Old Syntax Outer Join May Produce Error 613
178473 FIX: Concurrent Distribution Tasks May Cause an Unhandled Error
179222 FIX: UPDLOCK Locking Option Sets Only Shared Lock with sp_cursor
179283 FIX: Long Comment in .SQC File May Cause AV in Nsqlprep.exe
179924 FIX: 1203 If Attentions During Maintenance to Nonclustered Index
180101 FIX: INSERTs into Temp Tables w/Identity May Cause Deadlock
180102 FIX: SELECT INTO Temp Tables w/Identity Columns May Cause Errors
180603 FIX: Database Fallback May Cause Dbid to Change
180778 FIX: Xp_makewebtask Procedure May Cause Access Violation
181048 FIX: Queries Using Derived Tables or GROUP BY May Cause an AV
181244 FIX: INSERT..SELECT with Ignore_Dup_Row Clustered Index Stops
181514 FIX: Error 3307 with NOLOCK Joins in a Cursor Declaration
181557 FIX: Writelog Timeout When Replicating Cross-DB Transactions
181986 FIX: Access Violation on SELECT Statement with UNION ALL
184008 FIX: SQL Server Cluster Setup May Fail on Third-Party Disk Drive
184478 FIX: Repeated DBCC DBREINDEX Causes Stack Overflow Error
184494 FIX: INSERT..EXEC with RPC May Cause Access Violation, Msg 806
184882 FIX: Intstdist.sql Updates MSjob_commands Incorrectly
185806 FIX: SQL Server Service Stopped When IsAlive Fails to Connect
185964 FIX: Delete Where Current of Cursor Causes Server Instability
185965 FIX: Query Cancellation May Fail If No Delay After Query
186001 FIX: Duplicate Jobs Added to the MSjobs Tables
186916 FIX: Problems with Network Error During dbwritetext/dbmoretext
186979 FIX: Issuing KILL on Running SQL Web Task Stops SQL Server
187370 FIX: Large Number of Client Disconnects May Cause AV in ODS
187857 FIX: RPC Returns Error 7222 When Re-executed After Canceled RPC
187867 FIX: Pintable, NOLOCK, and JOIN Cause LRU/LazyWriter Errors
187867 FIX: Pintable, NOLOCK, and JOIN Cause LRU/LazyWriter Errors
188034 FIX: INSERT SELECT Statement Does Not Release Shared Intent Lock
188328 FIX: Access Violation Occurs with Some Cursors on Derived Table
189029 FIX: AV in Cursoropen() When Using 'WHERE CURRENT OF' and Cancel
189098 FIX: Shared Intent Locks Held After Validating Constraint
189343 FIX: ORDER BY Queries May Remove Spaces from ANSI_PADDING Tables
192829 FIX: Msg 267 and 202 on Stored Proc If Table Dropped/Re-created
192952 FIX: Database Dumps May Be Overwritable Despite Options
192953 FIX: Expired Dump Media Cannot Be Overwritten After 12/31/99
192955 FIX: Add New Task in Task Manager Does Not Allow Date 2/29/2000
192959 FIX: SQL Web Assistant: Cannot Schedule Page Creation After 1999
192962 FIX: Handled AV in SQL Server with Low Memory & Procedure Cache
192991 FIX: Correlated Subquery for a Large Table Causes Error 403
193043 FIX: Stored Procedure Creation Gets Garbled Entry in Syscomments
193392 FIX: Permissions Shown Incorrectly in SQL Enterprise Manager
193452 FIX: Insufficient Tempdb Space During Sort May Cause an AV
193454 FIX: Fetching from an Asynchronous Cursor May Cause a Hang
193757 FIX: Use of the RIGHT Function Within an ANSI Join Fails
193991 FIX: Transact-SQL READTEXT with INSERT EXEC Generates Error 611
193992 FIX: Attempt to Delete a Row May Raise Error 631
194216 FIX: Inserts into Table with IRL Turned On May Cause Error 826
194217 FIX: Access to TEXT Column of Temp Table Inside SP May Cause AV
194662 FIX: Concurrent Create/Drop of Stored Procedures May Cause 707
194664 FIX: Errors with Procedures Containing Aggregates and a HAVING Clause
194665 FIX: Incorrect Results from Sysprocesses with SQL 7 ODBC Driver
194666 FIX: Correlated Subquery and ISNULL May Cause Disconnect
195414 FIX: Deadlock Loop Causes Stack Overflow Unhandled Exception
195530 FIX: Heavy TEXT/IMAGE Inserts May Lead to Error 611
195539 FIX: Selecting TEXT/IMAGE with Insensitive Cursor May Disconnect
195542 FIX: Losing DTC Service May Leave Orphaned Transactions
195543 FIX: Attentions During Reformatting May Cause Error 1108 in Tempdb
197242 FIX: Logging Large Error Messages May Generate Access Violation
197563 FIX: Error Message Should Be Clearer When Multiple SELECTs in SP
197564 FIX: Carriage Return/Line Feed Not Written Correctly in Errorlog
198169 FIX: SQL Cluster: Error "Port 1433 in Use" on Alpha Platform
198170 FIX: SP4 Hotfix Performance Problem on Alpha Version
198653 FIX: An INSERT SELECT into a Table with IRL May Cause Error 818
198786 FIX: Cancelled Creation of Stored Procedure May Cause Error 707
199300 FIX: READTEXT After SELECT with HOLDLOCK Causes Error 1203
199763 FIX: Client Apps Stop Responding When Running Server-Side Cursors Against Stored Procedures
199791 FIX: Smalldatetime Conversion Error Stops Batch Jobs
199793 FIX: MSG 550 Occurs When Inserting into View 'WITH CHECK OPTION'
214415 FIX: ISQL Does Not Return Errors in Last Batch When Using -b Switch
214596 FIX: Alpha: Access Violations When Executing Query Plans the First Time
214650 FIX: SQL Server Error 613 Does Not Show Supplemental Message Information
215458 FIX: LOAD DATABASE Fails with Error 603
218149 FIX: Replication Log Reader Task Causes Memory Leak
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