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This article provides information about the contents of the Microsoft Libraries Update and where you can obtain it.

The Microsoft Libraries Update addresses known binary compatibilityproblems with certain run-time redistributable files shipped with VisualStudio 6.0 built applications.

This update is for customers who do not have any Visual Studio 6.0 products installed on their computer but have installed applications that include 6.0 libraries. This update will correct problems in the 6.0 libraries but will not modify or replace earlier libraries.

Customers who have installed any Visual Studio 6.0 products such as Visual Basic 6.0 or Visual C++ 6.0 should install the latest Microsoft Visual Studio Service pack, as documented in the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
194022 INFO: Microsoft Visual Studio Service Packs, What, Where, Why
This Microsoft Libraries Update is localized into eight languages: German,Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Chinese (Simple), and Chinese(Traditional).

NOTE: The Windows Library Updates require a reboot.
The following list contains all of the files that will be included in theMicrosoft Libraries Update.
Filename       Version       Description-----------------------------------------------------------------------Msvcrt.dll     6.00.8337     Visual C++ run-time, no dependencies.Oleaut32.dll   2.30.4265     Part of the OLE-AUT fileset that                             complements Microsoft Foundation Classes                             (MFC) and Visual Basic run-time.Olepro32.dll   5.00.4265     Part of OLE-AUT fileset that complements                             MFC and Visual Basic run-time.Asycfilt.dll   2.30.4265     Part of OLE-AUT fileset that complements                             MFC and Visual Basic run-time.Stdole2.tlb    2.30.4265     Part of OLE-AUT fileset that complements                             MFC and Visual Basic run-time.Mfc42.dll      6.00.8267     Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC),                             dependent on Msvcrt.dll, ComCtl32.dll, and                             OLE-AUT files.Mfc42u.dll     6.00.8267     MFC Unicode only for the Windows NT                             Platform.Regsvr32.exe                 For registration purposes only. For                             Mfc42.dll and Oleaut32.dll.RegTlib.exe                  For .tlb registration for stdole2.tlb.				

What Does This Update Fix?

This update has the new C-Run-time Library DLL, Msvcrt.dll. which resolvesthe heap compatibility problems described in the following MicrosoftKnowledge base articles:
190536 PRB: Invalid Page Fault in Msvcrt.dll

194550 PRB: Freeing Memory Multiple Times May Cause an Access Violation
The cause of the compatibility problems was a change in the internal layoutof the way that the C Run-Time library allocates memory. No applicationshould be dependant on this layout, but due to the issues in the previouslymentioned articles, they are unknowingly affected by the new heap manager.The new Msvcrt.dll file implements two heap managers, the Visual C++ 5compatible heap manager and the Visual C++ 6 compatible heap manager. Itdetects with which Visual C++ version your application is built and usesthe appropriate heap manager for that application. If this version is 6.0or greater, the Visual C++ 6 compatible heap manager is used and if it isearlier than version 6.0,the Visual C++ 5 compatible heap is used.

The following bugs in Visual C++ 6.0 are also fixed in this update:
193099 FIX: CDialog::Create() Returns Incorrect Value Calling EndDialog

193272 FIX: MFC Doesn't Call CPrintDialog::OnInitDialog

193102 FIX: Assert in Appui1.cpp Line 215 in MFC SDI/MDI Application

193100 FIX: CString Serialization Causes Access Violation

192942 FIX: Call to CWnd::MoveWindow Causes Stack Overflow

193509 FIX: Exception When Calling strftime() Function

Where Do I Get the Microsoft Libraries Update?

You can download the update from the following Web site:
Note: Microsoft Libraries Updates have resolved TaxSaver 1999 registration problems.
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