OL2000: Phone Call Not Logged on Contacts Journal Page

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When you initiate a phone call from a contact's record, Outlook records thecall in the Journal folder. However, it may not record the call on theJournal tab in the contact's record.
You have filed the contact under one of the following options assigned tothe "File As" field at setup.
Company, (Last Name, First Name)
Custom (any entry that was added manually)
To resolve this behavior, file the contact by Last Name, Company.

The Contact Is Not Filed by a Default Name

When you set up a contact record, the system generates two File As fieldnames based on the contact's name as entered. Entering the contact's nameas "John B. Doe" generates names of "John B. Doe" and "Doe, John B." Usingeither of these names in the File As, field results in logging phone callsto the contact's Journal page. However, phone calls are not logged to thecontact Journal page if you change the name in the File As field toanything else.

Set Up a New Contact Record

  1. On the File menu, point to New, and then click Contact.
  2. Type the name as John B. Doe, and type one phone number.
  3. Click Save And Close.

Make a Phone Call to the Contact

  1. Open the contact that you just created.
  2. On the Actions menu, point to Call Contact, and then click the phone number.
  3. Click to select the "Create new Journal Entry when starting new call" check box.
  4. Click Start Call.
  5. After dialing, end the call.
  6. Click Save And Close on the Phone Call record.
  7. Close the New Call dialog box.
  8. Click Save And Close on the Contact record.

View the Journal Entries

  1. Open the Contact record.
  2. On the Activities tab, in the Show list, click Journal.

    The phone call is recorded on the contact Journal page.
  3. Click Save And Close on the Contact Record.
  4. Click the Journal folder.
  5. On the View menu, point to Current View, and then click Phone Calls. The phone call is recorded in the Journal folder.

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