OL2000: Received Date and Time for E-mail Messages Is Incorrect

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The field containing the date and the time that an e-mail message wasreceived may be incorrect.
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In Microsoft Outlook, one of the fields typically displayed in the headerof an e-mail message is the date and the time that the message wasreceived. An e-mail server stamps the date and the time that an e-mailmessage is received as the message is processed. The date and the timeinformation is stored in a read-only Outlook field called"PR_Delivery_Time." This field may contain incorrect information if thee-mail server is not set to the correct date and time or if the format ofthe date and time on the server is in a non-standard format.

If the date and time are correctly set on the server, but the e-mail thatyou receive displays incorrect date and time information, then the date andtime format on the server may be incompatible with Outlook. In this case,you must look at the date and the time the message was sent instead of thetime it was received. The sent and received times typically vary by theamount of time the sending and receiving e-mail servers take to process amessage.

To resolve this problem, ensure that the Time Zone settings for Outlook are correct and match the Date/Time settings in the Windows Control Panel. To set the Time Zone for Outlook, use the following steps:
  1. In Outlook, click the Tools menu and then click Options.
  2. In the Options window, click Calendar Options.
  3. In the Calendar Options window, click the Time Zone.
  4. Ensure that your Current Time Zone settings are correct and match the Date/Time settings for Windows, and then click OK.
  5. Click Apply and OK to close Options.
  6. Close and restart Outlook.
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