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HOWTO: Windows Script Host Script for Sending E-Mail

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This is a simple VBScript example of how to automate sending mail throughMicrosoft Outlook.
This example will work in either an Active Server Pages (ASP) page or inWindows Script Host (WSH), as long as there is a valid Outlook UserProfile available on the system. This User Profile appears in the fromfield of the mails generated. It would be possible to set up a Profile thatis used solely for sending automated messages.

Use the following steps with WSH:

Save the code listed below into a file with a .vbs extension. To test,double-click on the file in Windows Explorer.

If you are using Windows 95, you need to install Wsh.exe from the followingWeb site to enable Windows Script Host:Use the following steps with ASP:

Assuming you are saving it on a Web server with Active Server PageExtensions installed, you can just include the code directly into an ASPpage, or save it in a file that you include into any ASP page that needsmailing capabilities.

Use the following for both methods:

Don't forget to change the recipient and the logon information. The logonhas to be a valid Outlook user profile.

   'Body of email message   Dim msgBody   msgBody="A mail from the Windows Script Host!"   'Call our function with recipient, message and subject   MySendMail "",msgBody,"Automated Message."   Sub MySendMail(recipient,msg,subject)       Dim objSession, oInbox, colMessages, oMessage, colRecipients       Set objSession = CreateObject("MAPI.Session")       objSession.Logon "A Valid User Profile"       Set oInbox = objSession.Inbox       Set colMessages = oInbox.Messages       Set oMessage = colMessages.Add()       Set colRecipients = oMessage.Recipients       colRecipients.Add recipient       colRecipients.Resolve       oMessage.Subject = subject       oMessage.Text = msg       oMessage.Send       objSession.Logoff       Set objSession = nothing   End Sub				
NOTE: If you intend to run these scripts from the context of a service, look at article Q177851 in the REFERENCES section below.
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177851 Build a VB/Messaging Application to Run from a Service
For more information about the technologies discussed here, please refer tothe article "Getting Started with ASP Messaging" in the MSDN Online:


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Microsoft Windows Scripting Host 2.5, Microsoft Visual Basic, Scripting Edition 3.0, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98 Standard Edition

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