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How to automate Excel from a client-side VBScript

This article was previously published under Q198703
This article illustrates Microsoft Visual Basic, Scripting Edition (VBScript) client-side code that launches and automates Microsoft Office Excel or Microsoft Excel when a user clicks a button on a Web page.

Sample code

  1. Create the following HTML file in any text editor and save the file as c:\excel.htm.
    <HTML><BODY><INPUT id=button1 name=button1 type=button value=Button><SCRIPT LANGUAGE="VBScript">       sub button1_onclick()          ' Launch Excel          dim app          set app = createobject("Excel.Application")              ' Make it visible          app.Visible = true              ' Add a new workbook          dim wb          set wb = app.workbooks.add              ' Fill array of values first...          dim arr(19,9) ' Note: VBScript is zero-based          for i = 1 to 20             for j = 1 to 10                arr(i-1,j-1) = i*j             next          next              ' Declare a range object to hold our data          dim rng          set rng = wb.Activesheet.Range("A1").Resize(20,10)              ' Now assign them all in one shot...          rng.value = arr              ' Add a new chart based on the data          wb.Charts.Add          wb.ActiveChart.ChartType = 70 'xl3dPieExploded          wb.ActiveChart.SetSourceData rng, 2 ' xlColumns          wb.ActiveChart.Location 2, "Sheet1" 'xlLocationAsObject              ' Rotate it around...          for i = 1 to 360 step 30             wb.activechart.rotation = i          next          ' Give the user control of Excel          app.UserControl = true       end sub</SCRIPT></BODY></HTML>					
  2. Start Microsoft Internet Explorer, type c:\excel.htm in the Address bar, and then press ENTER.
  3. Click the button that is displayed on the page.

    Note If you are prompted by a security warning about an ActiveX control on the page, click Yes.
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