AutoFill is limited to 255 characters in Excel

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When you fill a series in a range of cells, the AutoFill feature may notupdate the series values in these cells. This behavior occurs if you eitheruse the fill handle to fill a cell value down (or across) a range of cellsor if you point to Fill on the Edit menu and then click Series.
In Microsoft Excel, you may enter 32,767 characters into a cell, but theAutoFill feature will not work on cells that contain more than 255characters. Instead of detecting and filling a series, Microsoft Excel willinstead copy the cells.
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By dragging the fill handle of a cell, you can copy that cell to othercells in the same row or column. If the cell contains a number, date, ortime period that Microsoft Excel can extend in a series, the values areincremented. For example, if you have "Qtr1" (without the quotation marks)in cell A1, and you fill this down to cell A4, you will end up with thefollowing:

   A1: Qtr1   A2: Qtr2   A3: Qtr3   A4: Qtr4				
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