Outlook: Meetings are off by 1 hour during DST delta with BlackBerry Enterprise Server in the environment

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When you view a meeting in your calendar it is 1 hour off during the extended Daylight Saving Time (DST) period.

NOTE: The extended DST period is the timeframe (days) between the pre-2007 DST start date and the new (2007 and beyond) DST start date.
This problem can occur if the version of Cdo.dll in use on your BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) is not aware of the new DST rules enacted in 2007.

To resolve this problem, use the following steps to determine the version of Cdo.dll currently in use on your BES server:

1. Download and install Process Explorer on your BES server using the following download location:


2. Launch Process Explorer.

3. On the View menu make sure “Show lower pane” is checked.

4. Press CTRL + d

5. In the Process  Explorer window, scroll down the list of files and then select CalHelper.exe

NOTE: You may have more than one instance of CalHelper.exe. Please select any instance in the list.

6. In the lower pane locate and select Cdo.dll.

7. Inspect the value displayed in the Version column.  If the version of Cdo.dll is lower than 6.5.7651.61, you need to update Cdo.dll on the BES server to a DST compliant version.

NOTE: Please do not automatically register version 6.5.7651.61 of Cdo.dll on your BES server as the appropriate version of Cdo.dll is a function of the BES version you are using and the service pack  level of the BES server. Contact RIM support to have them determine the appropriate version of Cdo.dll to use on your BES server and the steps to update Cdo.dll on your BES server.

After updating Cdo.dll on the BES server, continue with these steps.

NOTE: Updating Cdo.dll on the BES server will not automatically fix meetings that are currently 1 hour off. Updating Cdo.dll on the BES server will make sure new meetings do not have this problem.

8. For meetings that are 1 hour off have the meeting organizer try the following remedies:

a.     Open the meeting on the Calendar, add text to the body of the meeting (for example, add “DST correction”), and send the updated meeting to all attendees.

b.     If step 8a does not fix the meeting, the organizer will have to cancel the original meeting and send out a new meeting.

More Information

If you are in a time zone in the United States that is affected by the new time zone rules enacted in 2007, the following rules can be followed to determine the DST delta period:

            old rule: DST started the first Sunday in April
            new rule: DST starts the second Sunday in March 
            DST delta: the days between the second Sunday in March and the first Sunday in April

            old rule: DST ended the last Sunday in October
            new rule: DST ends the first Sunday in November 
            DST delta: the days between the last Sunday in October and the first Sunday in November

Please check your local resources to determine the DST delta period for your time zone if you are not in the United States.

The following article describes the first version of Cdo.dll that is updated with the new DST rules implemented in 2007 for the United States.

926666  Update for daylight saving time changes in 2007 for Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2


The update in the above article provides version 6.5.7651.61 for Cdo.dll.

As mentioned earlier, please contact RIM support to have them determine the appropriate version of Cdo.dll to use on your BES server.

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