Domain Controller with 2012 Errors and Connectivity Problems

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Your Windows NT Server computer may occasionally log the following events in the Event Viewer System log:
Event ID: 2012
Source: Srv,
Type: Error
Description: The server has encountered a network error.
The event may be generated when trying to log on from Windows 95 clients, who will get the following error:
The domain password you supplied is incorrect or access to your logon server has been denied.
The event may be generated when trying to connect to the domain controller through Explorer or browsing through Network Neighborhood, and the response may be:
The network has responded incorrectly.
The event may be generated when trying to print to some of the printers queued on the troubled domain controller, and will generate the following error:
The system call level is not correct.
NOTE: You will be able to ping the IP address and NetBIOS name successfully to and from the server displaying Event ID 2012.
The following situations can cause these symptoms:
  • Your network interface card (NIC) may not be functioning correctly.
  • You may have an outdated or incompatible NIC.
To resolve this problem, do either of the following:
  • Replace the NIC on the server that is having the Event ID 2012 errors.
  • Contact the manufacturer of the NIC and get an updated driver.
Error 2012 in the Event Viewer, in general, indicated there is a connectivity problem. It is advised to go through the normal connectivity troubleshooting steps:

  1. If the client is receiving one of the above error messages, a quick test to rule out something on the client side causing the problem would be to pause the NetLogon service on a domain controller with the 2012 errors. If the client is able to log on to another domain controller successfully, then the problem has been isolated to the server.
  2. Check for the IPX protocol and the Btrieve applications on the server.For additional information, see the following article or articles in theMicrosoft Knowledge Base:
    195641 Btrieve, IPX, and Event ID 2012
  3. Replace the network interface card (NIC) on the server with the Event ID 2012 errors. The faulty NIC may be any variety of Token Ring or Ethernet.
  4. Review the Windows NT Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) to ensure that the NIC in the computer is on the HCL. If the card is not on the HCL, replace it with an HCL-compatible NIC.
  5. Another known cause of connectivity problems is that the NIC driver may be outdated. Obtaining an updated driver from the manufacturer may resolve the issue.
  6. The problem has also been seen with network switch problems that may be preventing the connectivity on an intermittent basis. Resetting the network switch may resolve the issue. Contact the switch manufacturer for detailed information on resetting your network switch.
For additional information, see the following article or articles in theMicrosoft Knowledge Base:
195641 Btrieve, IPX, and Event ID 2012
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