"This Site" contextual scope search opens the 'osssearchresults.aspx' page with no results

On an Office SharePoint Server 2007, SharePoint Server 2010, FAST Search for SharePoint 2010 or Search Server 2008 site with a search center site collection, change the search scope to "this Site: SITENAME" from the small search box on the top right and search for a keyword. You will be redirected to the '/_layouts/osssearchresults.aspx' page when using the "This Site:" contextual scope and you will have no search results. 
For the same site if you set the search scope to "All Sites" and search for the same keyword, you will be redirected to the 'searchcenter/results.aspx' page where you will see the search results.
The URL in the default zone of the web application is not the same as the start address in the content source that is being used for crawling the content. If the start address is in any other zone like Intranet, Internet, Custom or Extranet, then the contextual scopes ("This Site" & "This List") will not work.
Change the Alternate Access Mappings (AAMs) so that the content source start address is the URL of the default zone, or change the content source start address to the default zone URL for the web application.
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