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EBS 2008 RWW Does not support Terminal Server

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The Remote Web Workplace (RWW) component of Essential Business Server 2008 does not display Windows Terminal Servers.  These servers may be accessed via Terminal Services Gateway (TS Gateway) or directly through a published RDP port, but they do not appear in the list of computers to connect to in RWW.
This behavior is by design.

EBS 2008 does not support directly connecting to a Terminal Server through RWW.  In larger environments, publishing a large number of connections through the Messaging Server's TS Gateway may cause a resource spike on the server.

In environments where it is desired to have connectivity through the RWW page, there are several workarounds available:

1.  Publish the Terminal Server's RDP port (3389 by default) through TMG.   See for more details.

2.  Distribute .RDP files configured to use TS Gateway to end users.

3.  Add a link for the Terminal Server in RWW.  To do this, use the following steps:

  1. Log on to the Messaging Server directly using an account with administrative rights.
  2. Edit %ProgramFiles%\Windows Essential Business Server\Bin\webapp\Remote\App_Data\OrganizationLinks.XML in Notepad
  3. Add a Link tag in the Gadget Section using the format:

  <Link DisplayText="TS" Url=https://<REMOTEURL>/Remote/tsweb.aspx?targetMachine=<TSNAME>  _locID="useTS" />

Where <REMOTEURL> is the FQDN of your RWW server and <TSNAME> is the host name of the internal Terminal Server you are trying to access.  For example:

  <Link DisplayText="TS" Url=  _locID="useTS" />



More Information

The Small Business Server 2008 (SBS 2008) version of RWW does support adding a registry key to reveal Terminal Servers in the domain (see  This registry setting has no effect in EBS.



Example OrganizationalLinks.XML:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<GadgetSection Name="Organizational" Enabled="true" DisplayText="">
    <_locDefault _loc="locNone"/>
    <_locTag _locAttrData="DisplayText">GadgetSection</_locTag>
    <_locTag _locAttrData="DisplayText">Link</_locTag>
  <Link DisplayText="How to use Remote Web Workplace" Url="" _locId="UseRWW"/>
  <Link DisplayText="How to configure Outlook to access your email over the Internet" Url="" _locId="ConfigureOutlook"/>
  <Link DisplayText="TS" Url=  _locID="useTS" />

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