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Visio Standard 2007: Impaired behavior for 'Engineering' and 'Software and Database' templates

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Installing the Microsoft Office Visio Standard 2007 product using a customization patch created with the Office Customization Tool can result in the availability of templates that should only be provided in the Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2007 product.  The additional template categories are Engineering and Software and Database.   While the templates are installed, some of the functionality associated with the templates will not be available.
If the Office Customization Tool is used to create a customization patch in which the Set feature installation states has been modified so that the Microsoft Office Visio application has been set to Run all from My Computer, these additonal templates will be installed even though these templates are normally associated with Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2007.

When creating the customization patch in the Office Customization Tool, follow the steps listed below.

1.    On Windows XP, click on the Windows Start button and choose Run.  On Windows Vista, click on the Windows Start button, and click in the Start Search edit box.

2.    On Windows XP, type this command line in the Run edit box:

<path>\setup.exe /admin

On Windows Vista, type this command line in the Start Search edit box:

<path>\setup.exe /admin

where <path> is the path to the setup.exe file on the source image for the Microsoft Office Visio Standard 2007 product.

3.    When the Select Product dialog appears, click on the OK button to accept the default product.

4.    In the list on the left side of the Office Customization Tool, select Set feature installation states.

5.    Click on the '+' next to Microsoft Office to expand the list.

6.    Click on the '+' next to Microsoft Office Visio to expand the list.

7.    A list of components will be displayed.  Keep the default installation state of features to add all available features. The components will be:

·         .NET Programmability Support

·         Add-ons (Metric units)

·         Solutions (Metric units)

·         Add-ons (US units)

·         Solutions (US units)

8.    Select Save As … from the File menu.

9.    Provide a file name and choose a destination folder, and then click on the Save button.

10.  Copy the customization patch to the \Updates folder in the installation source folder.

11.  Run Setup.

If you want to remove a change after setting to Run all from Computer, select the features and click the Reset option or the Reset Branch buton.

More Information

While the additional templates are installed, the solutions attached to them  will not execute.  For example, additional menus normally available for these templates are not visible, and custom actions provided when double-clicking on shapes do not function. 

The Engineering / Process Engineering templates ('Piping and Instrumentation' and 'Fluid Power') will normally add a Process Engineering menu.  The Software and Database templates normally will add either a Database menu for the Database Model Diagram template, or a UML menu for the UML Model Diagram template.  The Business / Pivot Diagram template will normally add a PivotTable menu.

For more information on the use of the Office Customization Tool, please read the text in the Office 2007 Resource Kit topic Office Customization Tool in the 2007 Office system.


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