Error message when you uninstall a program in Windows: "An error occurred while trying to uninstall [program]. It may have already been uninstalled"


Consider the following scenario. On a computer that is running Windows, you try to uninstall a program by using the Uninstall a program option of the Programs and Features Control Panel item. You click Yes when you are prompted to restart the computer to complete the uninstall operation. Then, you receive the following error message:

"An error occurred while trying to uninstall program. It may have already been uninstalled.

Would you like to remove program from the Programs and Features list?"

Note The program placeholder represents the program that you tried to uninstall.

After a short time, the computer restarts.


You receive this error message because of timing related issues. However, the program is uninstalled successfully. 

Note If you click No when you are prompted to restart the computer and then manually restart the computer later, you do not receive the error message.


No additional action is necessary. You can safely ignore this error message.

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