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Username containing Turkish letter ı typed using Turkish keyboard on English Windows 7 may cause issues with Help and Support for that user.


Consider this scenario:  You have an English Windows 7 computer for which you would like to create a new user account who has a Turkish name containing the Turkish character ı. This is accomplished by using a Turkish onscreen keyboard.

When a new user logs into a computer with his/her name containing the Turkish character ı, he/she may encounter a “Cannot execute script” error when trying to access “Help and Support” or other links containing Java Script.

The cause of this has been determined to be legacy code from Microsoft in conjunction with Java Script used in customized Help and Support files from OEMs.

This issue does not affect most of the general public. It only affects systems which have Java Script-based customized Help and Support integrated into Windows by OEMs, using Windows 7 English, and creating usernames containing Turkish character ı. However the issue may also present itself with other non-unicode characters as well. The resolution is quite simple and is obtained when system's "Current system locale" is set to the country which contains that character, in this case to Turkey.

To set system locale to Turkey, go to Control Panel and click on: (in order)
    Clock, Language, and Region
    Region and Language
    Change system locale...
    Current system locale - Set this to Turkish (Turkey)

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