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BUG: CB_SETTOPINDEX and CB_GETTOPINDEX Always Return Zero on Macintosh

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On the Macintosh, the combo box messages CB_GETTOPINDEX and CB_SETTOPINDEX fail and always return zero (0).
There are no message handlers for these messages in the combo-box window procedure in the Windows Portability Library.
Obtain a pointer to the list box portion of the combo box, and use LB_GETTOPINDEX and LB_SETTOPINDEX instead.
Microsoft has confirmed that this is a bug in the Microsoft products that are listed at the beginning of this article.
The combo-box control is composed of an edit control and a list-box control. For additional information about combo boxes, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
65881 INFO: The Parts of a Windows Combo Box and How They Relate
On the Intel side, the edit control is the first child of the combo box. For a simple combo box, the Macintosh has the list-box control as the first control.

The window handle to the list box can be obtained using GetWindow. Once a valid handle is obtained, using the LB_GETTOPINDEX and LB_SETTOPINDEX messages provides the same functionality as CB_GETTOPINDEX and CB_SETTOPINDEX.

The sample code below shows the MFC implementation:

Sample Code

class CCtrlsView : public CFormView{public:   CComboBox   m_comboindex;   int      m_currentIndex;#ifdef _MAC   CListBox m_comboList;#endif...};void CCtrlsView::OnInitialUpdate(){   CFormView::OnInitialUpdate();#ifdef _MAC   // Obtain pointer to combo's list box.   HWND hComboList = m_comboindex.GetWindow(GW_CHILD)->m_hWnd;   ASSERT(hComboList);   // Verify class name.   char className[50];   GetClassName(hComboList, className, 50);   ASSERT(lstrcmp(className, "ComboLBox") == 0);   // Subclass to use CListBox.   m_comboList.SubclassWindow(hComboList);#endif...}// A simple combo box with "set" and "get" buttons using// the values from an edit control.void CCtrlsView::OnSetindex(){   UpdateData(TRUE);#ifndef _MAC   m_comboindex.SetTopIndex(m_currentIndex);#else   m_comboList.SetTopIndex(m_currentIndex);#endif}void CCtrlsView::OnGetindex(){#ifndef _MAC   m_currentIndex = m_comboindex.GetTopIndex();#else   m_currentIndex = m_comboList.GetTopIndex();#endif   UpdateData(FALSE);}				
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