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How to find the HP-UX patch level

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When installing ESP or FDS/InStream, the installation guide specifies which patches are required and which parameters must be tuned. However, you may find that a test system with HP-UX will behave differently than a new system or a production system, despite the systems reporting as running the same OS version. This article describes methods to compare the patch level on HP-UX systems.
The patch level can be found by looking at the installed bundles. The bundles can be found by running the following command:
swlist -l bundle | grep -i patch
Compare the bundles.

There can also be several patches installed that are not in a bundle. These can be found by running the following command:
It is also possible to have installed patches that are not configured. You can check for these kinds of patches with the following command:
swlist -l patch -a state.
Please refer to the installation guide to determine which patches are required for the specific installation.
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