BDC Exception thrown during SharePoint Workspace sync if External list's Data Base table fields have some special chars


Using SharePoint Designer create an external list from data base, if the data base table field contains special characters such as " . " or " \ " or " [ " a BCD  Exception will throw when syncing this list with the SharePoint WorkSpace.  The item can not be synced to the SharePoint WorkSpace.

Error:  This list doesn't have items to display

SharePoint cannot parse these special characters
Do not use these special characters in database table fields.
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Repro steps:

1.Using SharePoint Designer create an External Content Type from a table whose field contains some special chars such as " . " or " \ " or " [ ".
2.Using SharePoint Designer create an External List from that External Content Type.
3.Put some items in the list.
4.Add the list to a SharePoint Workspace.


Αναγνωριστικό άρθρου: 2018462 - Τελευταία αναθεώρηση: 10/19/2010 18:19:00 - Αναθεώρηση: 4.0

Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

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