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Microsoft has released a service pack for Microsoft Expression Web 3. This article lists the most significant improvements and fixes that the service pack provides and shows you where to obtain the service pack.
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Microsoft Expression Web 3 Service Pack 2 (SP2) contains general improvements to the application and in SuperPreview.

Issues resolved in this service pack

  • When editing PHP, files you may have been asked to update related hyperlinks on the page. If you did so, some PHP tags may have been removed. PHP tags are no longer removed when you update related hyperlinks.
  • When you renamed a PDF file from the Folder List, the PDF file became corrupted and could not be opened. PDF files now save normally.
  • Expression Web 3 would crash if the list-style-image property was used in a CSS file. Using the list-style-image property in a CSS file no longer causes Expression Web to crash.
  • SuperPreview sometimes crashed while launching because of a problem that occurred when locating Firefox on your computer. SuperPreview no longer crashes while locating Firefox.

Improvements provided by this service pack

SuperPreview now supports Firefox 3.6. If Firefox 3.6 is installed on your computer, then it should be available in SuperPreview.

Installation details

How to obtain and install Expression Web 3 SP2

Expression Web 3 SP2 is available on the Microsoft Download Center. To download this service pack from the Microsoft Download Center, visit the following Microsoft website:

How to determine if Expression Web 3 SP2 is installed

In Expression Web 3, click About Microsoft Expression Web. If Expression Web 3 SP2 is not installed, one of the following version numbers appear based on your region and current service pack level:

Microsoft Expression Web 3 Version 3.0.1762.0

Microsoft Expression Web 3 Version 3.0.1773.0

Microsoft Expression Web 3 Service Pack 1 Version 3.0.3813.0

If Expression Web 3 SP2 is installed, the following version number appears:

Microsoft Expression Web 3 Service Pack 2 Version 3.0.3816.0

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