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Support for Opalis Integration Server in a Virtualization Environment


Opalis Integration Server is supported in a virtualized hardware environment provided certain conditions are met.  For issues where virtualization in general or a specific vendor implementation of virtual hardware other than Microsoft's is suspected as the cause or a contributing factor, you may be required by Microsoft Support to reproduce the issue outside of the virtual environment or to engage the virtualization vendor leveraging your support contract with that vendor to maintain supportability.

More Information

A key concern for software applications that are high-load and high-throughput, such as Opalis Integration Server, is that sharing resources among many systems in a virtualized environment can cause performance degradations outside of the normal operating parameters of the software.  In addition, schedule based actions can be detrimentally affected by the frequent system clock re-syncing that occurs within a virtual environment.  Microsoft supports running Opalis Integration Server on virtualized systems provided that the following is true:

  • A physical processor that meets the minimum system requirements, as outlined in Opalis Integration Server documentation, is dedicated to Opalis Integration Server.
  • Memory that meets the minimum systems requirements, as outlined in Opalis Integration Server documentation, is provided to Opalis Integration Server.
  • An entire disk or disk array is dedicated to Opalis Integration Server with an equivalent size as specified in the minimum system requirements as outlined in the Opalis Integration Server documentation.
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