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SMS: Systems Management Server International Client Packs

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This article describes International Client Packs (ICPs) for Systems Management Server (SMS).

General Description

An ICP is a bundle of SMS client installation files in various languages. ICPs are targeted for installation on English-language SMS site servers only. The languages supported in each ICP are cumulative. When you install an ICP, all of the languages contained in the ICP are installed; you cannot select a specific language. The ICP installation bundles are then distributed to the clients via the Client Access Points (CAPs) and the appropriate language files are installed on the client systems.

ICPs Available by Product Version and Service Pack

  • SMS 1.2: ICP1, ICP2
  • SMS 2.0: ICP1, ICP2, ICP3, ICP4, ICP5
  • SMS 2.0 Service Pack 1: ICP1, ICP4, ICP5
  • SMS 2.0 Service Pack 2: will have ICP1, ICP4, ICP5

Separate ICPs for Each Service Pack

You must match service pack and ICP releases (for example, SMS 2.0 SP1 can use only SP1 ICPs, not SMS 2.0 ICPs).

Languages Included in ICPs

See the Release Notes on the ICP CD-ROM for detailed information about supported languages. The ICPs and supported languages include:
  • ICP1:
    English, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese
    (Japanese was added to ICP1 for SMS 2.0 SP2)
  • ICP2:
    ICP1 languages plus Dutch, Italian, and Swedish
  • ICP3:
    ICP2 languages plus Brazilian, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Portuguese
  • ICP4:
    ICP3 languages plus Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese
  • ICP5:
    ICP4 languages plus Arabic and Hebrew

ICP Languages Are Cumulative

The SMS ICPs are cumulative. Any client language that exists in a previous ICP also exists in all subsequent releases. For example, ICP5 includes all client languages that are included with ICP1 and ICP4, in addition to the languages introduced in ICP5 itself.

Determining If an ICP Is Installed on the SMS Site

You can determine if an ICP is installed by checking for the language folders (for example, the 00000409 folder for English and the 00000407 folder for German) on the site server. There should be a folder for each client languages supported by that ICP. Check for the I386\language_id\smsman.exe) folders.

Removing an Installed ICP

Currently, SMS does not support removing installed ICPs on the site. Microsoft recommends that you create a full backup of the site before installing an ICP.

Installing an ICP on a Secondary Site

In SMS 2.0 and 2.0 SP1, you can install ICPs on secondary sites only by using the Upgrade Secondary Site Wizard.

In SMS 2.0 SP2, you can install ICPs from the CD-ROM, remotely (by advertisement or by using Remote control), or by using Courier Sender.

Multiple-Site Hierarchy and ICP Installation

In a hierarchy that has two regional child primary sites running ICP4 (for example), both reporting to a central site server that runs the English-language version, the central site server does not need to be running ICP4.

Multiple-User Interface (MUI) Support on Windows 2000 SMS Clients

For additional information about MUI support on Windows 2000-based SMS clients, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
259447 SMS: System Management Server 2.0 Service Pack 2 Includes Limited MUI Support for Windows 2000 Clients

Additional Information

See the Microsoft BackOffice Resource Kit, Chapter 3, "Using SMS 2.0 in a Multilingual Environment" for more information about ICPs and SMS.

Also, see the ICP Release Notes for each ICP for additional information.

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