FP2000: Cannot Use Search Component With Active Server Pages

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When you click Search on an Active Server Page (ASP), theresults of your search are returned, but the ASP script on your page doesnot execute. In some cases, the following error message appears in your Webbrowser:
Cannot run the FrontPage Server Extensions' Smart HTML interpreter on this non-HTML page:"http://<myserver>/<myfile>.asp"
The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) in the Address box in Internet Explorerresembles the following
where <myserver> is the location of your Web and <myfile> is the name of the file you are previewing.
You can not use the Search Form on an Active Server Page.

When an ASP page is requested on a server, Asp.dll parses it. It finds anyscript specified to run on the server, executes it, and displays theresults.

When you conduct a search using the Search Form, Shtml.dll parses thesearch page and the results of the search are expanded into the search fileand displayed in your Web browser.

When a search is performed using the Search Form on an ASP page, Shtml.dllcannot parse the file because Asp.dll is already parsing it. BecauseShtml.dll fails, it outputs the message described in the "Symptoms"section.

When using Microsoft Index Server, the Search Form does not use Shtml.dll.Instead, the action for the form points to the .idq file associated withthe file.
To resolve this behavior, use one of the following methods.

Method 1: Install Microsoft Index Server

Install Microsoft Index Server on the Web server hosting your Web. For more information about obtaining and installing Microsoft Index Server,please see the following Microsoft World Wide Web site: For additional information about using Index Server with FrontPage, please see the following article(s) in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
194391 How to Integrate FrontPage 98 and Index Server

Method 2: Use .htm or .html Rather Than .asp pages With the Search Form

Do not use Active Server Pages with the Search Form. Use .htm or .htmlpages only.
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