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This article applies only to a Microsoft Access database (.mdb).

To perform a mail merge with Microsoft Access data, you can export or copy your data to a word processor program, or you can use the Microsoft Word Mail Merge Wizard. However, you can also create a Microsoft Access report to generate mail-merge documents. This article demonstrates a technique that uses a Microsoft Access report as the main document in a mail merge.
The following is an example of a business letter that you can create as aMicrosoft Access report. All placeholder (italicized or bracketed) items represent values that can be filled in during the mail merge.

KB Advertising Agency

February 5th, 1993

John Doe
123 E. Main Street
Middle Town, OH 44044

Dear Mr. Doe,

We are pleased to announce our new line of office furniture. As avalued customer, you are entitled to a 10% discount off our catalog prices.

Call us today toll-free at (800) 555-1212 and receive a freefull-color catalog detailing all our top-of-the-line office products.


J. GrantManager, Office Products

How to Create the Sample Mail Merge

  1. Open a new, blank database.
  2. Create the following new table and save it as Customer:
    Table: Customer      ----------------------      Field Name: Salutation         Data Type: Text      Field Name: First Name         Data Type: Text      Field Name: Last Name         Data Type: Text      Field Name: Address         Data Type: Text      Field Name: City         Data Type: Text      Field Name: State         Data Type: Text      Field Name: ZIP         Data Type: Text      Field Name: Customer Type         Data Type: Text      Field Name: Discount Pct         Data Type: Number					
  3. Open the table in Datasheet view and add the following records:
          Salu-   First  Last                                     Cust   Disc      tation  Name   Name   Address   City       St    ZIP    Type   Pct      -------------------------------------------------------------------      Mr.     John   Doe    123 Main  Middleton  OH    44044  Valued  10      Mrs.    Sally  White  52A Elm   Florence   KY    45123  Special  5      Dr.     Fred   Weiss  Box 456   Camden     SC    29332  Super   25					
  4. Create a new report in Design view based on the Customer table; to do so, follow these steps:NOTE: Do not use a Microsoft Access Report Wizard to create this report.

    1. On the View menu, click to clear the Report Header/Footer and Page Header/Footer check boxes; this removes those sections from the report.
    2. Set the following properties for the report's Detail section:
      Section: Detail---------------------------ForceNewPage: After SectionCanGrow: Yes						
    3. Add the following controls to the Detail section of the report, and then delete the label controls that are created by default with each text box control:
      Label:   Name: Company Label   Caption: KB Advertising AgencyText Box:   Name: Today's Date   ControlSource: =Date()   Format: Long DateText Box:   Name: Name Line   ControlSource: =[First Name] & " " & [Last Name]Text Box:   Name: Address Line   ControlSource: =[Address]Text Box:   Name: CSZ Line   ControlSource: =[City] & ", " & [State] & " " & [ZIP]Text Box:   Name: Salutation Line   ControlSource: ="Dear "&[Salutation]&" "&[Last Name]&","Text Box:   Name: Para 1   ControlSource: ="We are pleased to announce our new line of                  office furniture. As a " & [Customer Type] &                  "customer, you are entitled to a " & [Discount                  Pct] & "% discount off our catalog prices."   CanGrow: YesLabel:   Name: Rest of Letter   Caption: Call us today toll-free at (800) 555-1212 and receive            a free full-color catalog detailing all our            top-of-the-line office products.Label:   Name: Closing   Caption: Sincerely,Label:   Name: Grant   Caption: J. GrantLabel:   Name: Title   Caption: Manager, Office Products 						
      NOTE: You can press CTRL+ENTER to force new lines in controls. Forexample, the Closing, Grant, and Title labels can be combined into a single label control by pressing CTRL+ENTER at the end of each line in the Caption property:
      Label:Name: ClosingCaption: Sincerely, <CTRL+ENTER><CTRL+ENTER><CTRL+ENTER>J. Grant <CTRL+ENTER>Manager, Office Products 						
  5. Size and position the controls on the report, and then set the font styles and sizes.
  6. Save the report. Print or preview the report to see the results of the merge.

Summary and General Notes

  • Use label controls for all paragraphs with fixed text.
  • Use text box controls for all paragraphs with variable content.
  • Margins are determined by the width of the control. The text wraps within the width of the control, not the width of the report.
  • The Name property of a text box must be different from its field name in the table. If they are the same, the name appears as the following error message:


  • You cannot change the formatting of individual words. You can change only the formatting of the control.
  • You are limited to 1024 characters in the ControlSource property of a text box. For long paragraphs, create one or more invisible text boxes to contain the text, and then concatenate them in a visible text box.
For more information about merging data using the Microsoft Word Mail Merge Wizard, click Microsoft Access Help on the Help menu, type merge data from a table or query by using the microsoft word mail merge wizard in the Office Assistant or the Answer Wizard, and then click Search to view the topic.
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