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ACC2000: How to Find Out If a Replica Is the Design Master

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Advanced: Requires expert coding, interoperability, and multiuser skills.

This article applies only to a Microsoft Access database (.mdb).

Microsoft Jet Replication does not have a property that specifies whether areplica is the Design Master of a replica set. However, this articledemonstrates how you can use Visual Basic for Applications to determine ifa database is the Design Master.
To determine if a database is the Design Master, follow these steps:

  1. Create a module, and then type the following line in the Declarations section if it is not already there:
    Option Explicit					
  2. On the Tools menu, click References.
  3. Add the Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library.
  4. Type the following procedure:
    Function IsDesignMaster()   ' This function determines if the current database is   ' the Design Master and returns True if the current   ' database is the Design Master and returns False if   ' the current database is not the Design Master. The   ' function returns Null if the database is not a   ' replicable database.   Dim db As DAO.Database   Set db = CurrentDb()   If db.DesignMasterID = db.ReplicaID Then      If db.ReplicaID = "" Then ' Check to see if db is replicable.         IsDesignMaster = Null      Else         IsDesignMaster = True      End If   Else      IsDesignMaster = False   End IfEnd Function					
  5. To test this function, type the following line in the Immediate window, and then press ENTER:
    ? IsDesignMaster()						
    Note that either Null, True, or False is returned.

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Microsoft Access 2000 Standard Edition

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