HOW TO: Sample Function to Remove Alpha Characters from a Numeric Field in Access 2000

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This article shows you how to create a sample user-defined functionnamed RemoveAlphas() that removes alpha, or nonnumeric, characters from an alphanumeric string. All nonnumeric characters will be removed.

A common use for the RemoveAlphas() function is to remove the parentheses, dashes, and spaces from a telephone number or a social security number field. For example, the following strings contain parentheses, dashes, and spaces:
"(206) 635-7050"
After you run the RemoveAlphas() function, these strings will look as follows:
The following example demonstrates how to create the RemoveAlphas()function, and how to use it, either while someone is entering data, or in an update query to remove nonnumeric characters from phone numbers in atable.

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How to Create the RemoveAlphas() Function

  1. Create a new module.
  2. Type the following function in the Module window:
    Function RemoveAlphas (ByVal AlphaNum as Variant)   Dim Clean As String   Dim Pos, A_Char$   Pos = 1   If IsNull(AlphaNum) Then Exit Function   For Pos = 1 To Len(AlphaNum)      A_Char$ = Mid(AlphaNum, Pos, 1)      If A_Char$ >= "0" And A_Char$ <= "9" Then         Clean$ = Clean$ + A_Char$      End If   Next Pos   RemoveAlphas = Clean$End Function					
  3. Save the module with any unique name.
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How to Use the RemoveAlphas() Function in Data Entry

You can use the RemoveAlphas() function to have dashes or parentheses removed while someone is typing phone numbers into a field.

For a field called Phone, add the following code to the AfterUpdateproperty to the Phone text box on a form:
Private Sub Phone_AfterUpdate()   Me![Phone] = RemoveAlphas(Me![Phone])End Sub				

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How to Use the RemoveAlphas() Function in an Update Query

  1. Create a new query based on the table with the phone number field.
  2. Place the phone number field in the first column of the query grid.
  3. On the Query menu, click Update.
  4. In the Update To row, enter the following for a field named Phone:
  5. Run the query.
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