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XL2000: Paste Function Buttons Are Missing in the Formula Palette

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When you are using the Formula Palette in Microsoft Excel 2000, there are no Paste Function buttons (as there were in versions of MicrosoftExcel earlier than Excel 97) for inserting other functions as arguments of the function you are using.

NOTE: This does not prohibit you from nesting functions by using the Microsoft Excel 2000 Function Palette. See the "Resolution" section for steps on how to nest functions with the Function Palette.
The Paste Function buttons were removed from the Function Palette dialog box.
To nest functions using the Function Palette in Microsoft Excel 2000, use either of the following methods.

Method 1: Using the Name Box on the Formula Bar

  1. Enter the following on a new worksheet:
    A1: 1
    A3: 1
  2. Select cell B1, and then click the Paste Function button on the Standard toolbar.
  3. In the Paste Function dialog box, select the IF function in the Function name list, and then click OK.

    The Function Palette is displayed with the IF function.
  4. Click the arrow next to the function box, and then click COUNT in the list of functions.

    NOTE: You may have to click More Functions to locate the COUNT function.

    The Function Palette now displays the arguments for the COUNT function.
  5. For the Value1 argument, type A1:A3.
  6. In the formula bar, where your nested function is being built, click the IF function text; do not click any items in the function box drop-down list.

    This redisplays the Function Palette with the IF function.
  7. For the Value_if_true argument, type TRUE.
  8. For the Value_if_false argument, type FALSE.
  9. Click OK.
Your nested function should be as follows
and, for this example, returns a value of TRUE.

Method 2: Manually Edit the Formula

Manually edit the formula in the formula bar to include the nested function.
For more information about the Formula Palette, click Microsoft Excel Help on the Help menu, type About using the Formula Palette to enter and edit formulas in the Office Assistant or the Answer Wizard, and then click Search to view the topic.
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