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Microsoft Word places a page break in a table if a single row or several rows are too long to fit between the top and bottom margins of the page. Part of the table may be on one page, while the rest of the table is forcedto the next page. Also, the presence of any text on a page with a table can cause the table to break between pages.
If you have a Word table that should fit on a single page, use one of the following methods to keep the entire table on the same page.

Method 1: Adjust the Page Margins

To prevent the table from breaking between pages, you can adjust the top and bottom margins so that the table fits on the page.

Method 2: Move Some Text to the Next Page

Any text on the same page as a Word table can force part of your table onto the next page. To keep your table from breaking across pages, you may need to move some of the text onto the page that follows your Word table.

Method 3: Force Word to Keep the Table Rows Together

Select the entire table and change the paragraph settings to Keep with next. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. With the insertion point in a table cell, point to Select on the Table menu, and then click Table.
  2. On the Format menu, click Paragraph.
  3. On the Line and Page Breaks tab, click to select the Keep with next check box, and then click OK.

Method 4: Prevent Word from Breaking a Table Row Across Two Pages

If the table is not small enough to fit on one page, you can prevent Word from breaking a table row that contains multiple paragraphs across two pages. To do so, follow these steps:
  1. Select the table, and on the Table menu, click Table Properties.
  2. Under Options on the Row tab, click to clear the Allow row to break across pages check box.

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