WD2000: Text Disappears in a Multiple-Line Table Row in a Text Box

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In Microsoft Word, some of the text in a multiple-line table row disappears when the table is inside a text box.
This behavior occurs because the space available in the text box is less than the space needed to completely display the text in the table row.
To work around this issue, use one of the following methods.

Method 1: Resize the Text Box

Resize the text box, the table, or both to control where the table rows break.

Method 2: Change the Table Position

Force the table row to break to the next linked text box by inserting additional blank lines or by removing unnecessary lines before the table.
If a table row is large and expands to several lines, Word permits that row to break across page breaks, if necessary. When this behavior occurs, part of the table row is on one page of the document, and the remainder of the same table row is on the next page of the document. This behavior concerning tables in Word is selected by default.

To determine whether this option is currently selected, select the table, click Table Properties on the Table menu, and then click the Row tab. The check box that allows for this behavior is Allow row to break across pages.

NOTE: The functionality conferred by the Allow row to break across pages check box is not supported inside text boxes.

A single-line table row breaks from one text box to the next linked text box as expected. However, a multiple-line table row does not break from one text box to the next linked text box until the entire table row is forced out of the current text box. This behavior causes a multiple-line table row to be chopped off until the entire table row is forced to the next linked text box.
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