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HOW TO: Add Totals to a Stacked Column Chart in Excel 2000

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This step-by-step article shows you how to add total values to a stackedcolumn chart in Microsoft Excel 2000.

In Excel, you can add data labels that automatically display the values of an individual series in a stacked chart. You can not automatically add the total value of all series. However, you can work around this behavior.

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Stacked Column Chart Example

To add the totals to a stacked column chart in Excel 2000, followthese steps:
  1. Type the following sample data in a worksheet:
       A1: Widget 1     B1: 4897      C1: 2990    D1: 3889      E1: 2098   A2: Widget 2     B2: 1231      C2: 1232    D2: 3123      E2: 2543   A3: Widget 3     B3: 2019      C3: 4323    D3: 1232      E3: 3122   A4: Widget 4     B4: 3245      C4: 1234    D4: 4214      E4: 2421   A5:              B5: 11392     C5: 9779    D5: 12458     E5: 10184   A6:              B6:           C6:         D6:           E6:					
  2. Select cells A1:E4.
  3. On the Insert menu, click Chart.
  4. Under Chart type, click Column. Under Chart sub-type, click the second type in the first row, and then click Finish.
  5. Select cells B5:E5 on the worksheet. On the Edit menu, click Copy. Select the chart, and then click Paste On the Edit menu.

    This step adds a fifth series of data to the chart.
  6. Double-click the new data series, click the Patterns tab, and then click None under Border and Area.
  7. Click the Data Labels tab, click Show value under Data labels, and then click OK.

    This step adds column totals from cells B5:E5 on the worksheet to the top of the columns on the chart.
  8. Select the legend. Press the RIGHT ARROW key until the label for the new data series is selected, and then press DELETE.

    This step removes this entry from the legend.

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