How to remove links from a worksheet in Excel 2000

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In Microsoft Excel, you can change and move links in the Links dialog box. However, you cannot use the Links dialog box to remove links. This article tells you how to remove links from Excel worksheets.
To remove links from Excel worksheets, use any of the followingmethods.

Method 1

Calculate the remote reference and change it to a value. This methodreplaces the formula with a constant value.

If the remote reference is part of a larger formula, the reference can becalculated using the F9 key to change the reference to a value. Forexample, if you have a formula in a cell, such as
you can select the link portion of the formula (Sheet1.xls!$A$1) in theformula bar, press F9, and then press ENTER. This replaces "Sheet1.xls!$A$1" with its underlying value.

Method 2

To delete the link and its results entirely, selecting the cell thatcontains the link, and then click Clear on the Edit menu.

Method 3

Search defined names that refer to external workbooks and either delete thedefined name or change the name to refer to a static string or value.

To verify that you removed all links, use the following steps to search the dependent sheet.
  1. On the Edit menu, click Find.
  2. In the Find what box, type an exclamation point (!), and then, in the Look in box, click Formulas.
  3. Click Find Next.
Excel searches for any formula that contains an exclamation point, which indicates an external or remote reference.

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