How to Use Microsoft Batch 98 to Install Windows 98

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This article describes how to use Microsoft Batch 98 (Batch.exe) to install Windows 98 on multiple computers.

Installing and Running Batch 98

  1. Install Windows 98 on a "model" computer with the configuration you want to use for your Setup script.
  2. Install the Batch 98 tool. For information about installing the Batch 98 tool, see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    214714 How to Install the Microsoft Batch 98 Tool
  3. Use the following steps to create a Setup script in Msbatch.inf format:

    1. Click Start, point to Programs, and then click Microsoft Batch 98.
    2. Click Gather Now to retrieve the registry information from your model computer. Once Batch.exe gathers the registry information, the status below the Gather now button displays "Complete."
    3. Use the System settings to customize the settings you want to use for your Setup script.
    4. Click Save settings to INF to save your settings to a Setup script. Batch.exe creates a Setup script in Msbatch.inf format (with the default name of Msbatch.inf) based on the current registry settings it gathered from your computer. By default, Batch.exe saves the script file in the folder in which Batch 98 is installed.

Customizable Settings

You can customize the following system settings for Windows 98 batch installation:
  • General Setup options
  • Network options
  • Optional components
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer options
  • Advanced options

General Setup Options

The following general Setup options can be customized:
  • Installation information - Windows install/uninstall options
  • User information - User and network information
  • Setup prompts - User prompts during Setup
  • Regional settings - Time zone/International settings
  • Desktop - desktop icons/Miscellaneous
  • Printers
  • MRU locations - Most recently used
  • User profiles - User profiles settings

Network Options

The following network options can be customized:
  • Protocols - Available protocols
  • Services - File and Print Sharing service
  • Clients - Client for Microsoft and NetWare Networks and NetWare Directory Services
  • Access control - Control access to shared resources
  • Additional clients - Supported clients/Other clients

Optional Components

The following optional components can be customized:
  • Accessibility options
  • Accessories
  • Communications
  • Desktop themes
  • Internet tools
  • Microsoft Outlook Express
  • Multilanguage support
  • Multimedia
  • Online services
  • Screen savers
  • System tools
  • Microsoft WebTV for Windows

Internet Explorer Options

The following Internet Explorer options can be customized:
  • Desktop - Quick Launch toolbar/Channel Bar
  • Display - Active desktop/Browse folder as follows/Click items as follows
  • Browser - Home page URL, post-Setup page, Online Support URL
  • Security - Zone and zone settings
  • Proxy settings - Servers/Exceptions

Advanced Options

The following advanced options can be customized:
  • Additional Files - Add registry file/System policy file
  • Windows Update - Upgrade options

Running Setup with the Batch (.inf) File

If the Msbatch.inf file is located in the Windows 98 Setup folder, Windows 98 detects it and use it to install Windows 98.

If the Msbatch.inf file is not located in the Windows 98 Setup folder, you can run Windows 98 Setup by specifying the name of the script as a command-line parameter. To do so, type
setup path\batch.inf
where path is the full path to the batch file, and batch.inf is the name of the batch file.

To use a batch file in the Scripts folder on a server named NTSVR1, you would type setup \\ntsvr1\scripts\Msbatch.inf.

Windows 98 Files Located on a Local Computer

You can automate Setup when both the Windows 98 files and the batch file are located locally on the same computer.

To automate Windows 98 Setup when the files are located on a local computer, run Setup by specifying the batch file by using the following syntax
sdrive:\folder\setup.exe bdrive:\batch.inf
where sdrive is the is the drive containing the Setup files, folder is the folder containing the Setup files, bdrive is the drive containing the batch file, and batch.inf is the name of the batch file.

Windows 98 Files Located on a Network Server

You can also automate Setup when both the Windows 98 files and the batch file are located on a server that can be accessed by the local computer.

To do so, start the computer running the existing network client software. Connect to the server or drive that contains the Windows 98 source files.Note that the network administrator can include this step in the logon script to avoid user action.

At a command prompt, run Windows 98 Setup by specifying the batch file that contains the Setup script. Use the following syntax\\server_name\windows\setup.exe batch.infwhere server_name is the name of the server, windows is the folder that contains the Windows 98 files, and batch.inf is the name of your Setup batch file.
NOTE: If Windows 98 is installed from a server, the location of the source folder is stored in the registry. When you add a device or require additional support files to run Windows 98, Setup automatically attempts to retrieve the files from the same location on the server. This eliminates the need to maintain a permanent network connection on the computer and makes it easier to modify the configuration of a computer in a networked environment.

Multiple Computer Names and Static IP Addresses

You can enter multiple computer names and static IP addresses. To do so, create a text file with the list of computer names and the IP addresses for those computers. For example,
Once the batch file and text files are created, follow these steps in Batch 98 to create an installation for each computer:
  1. On the File menu, click Multiple Machine-Name Save, and then click Machine Name File.
  2. Click the text file that you created, click Open, and then click OK.
  3. Click Destination Of Save, type a file name, and then click Open.
  4. Click Save Files, click OK, and then click Close.
The updated Batch 98 installation files are located in the directory specified in the steps above. The files are listed in order, named Bstp0001.inf through Bstp9999.inf, depending on the number of entries processed.

To use these files, use a command line to run Windows 98 Setup and use a specific file. For example:
drive1:\setup.exe drive2:\public\bstp0001.inf
Where drive1 is a network drive containing the installation files, and drive2 is the location of the MSBATCH.INF file.

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