HOWTO: Test and Modify the Logos in an OEM Preinstallation

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This article describes the procedure for testing and modifying the System Properties logo as well as the Startup Screen logo in an OEM preinstallation of a Windows 95 or Windows 98 system.
During an OEM preinstallation of Windows 9x, one might want to test theappearance of the System Properties and Startup Screen logos.

To test the Startup Screen logo, please follow the procedure detailed below:
  1. Create a Logo.bmp file according to the Startup Screen logo specifications. The Preinstallation Guide specifies the Startup Screen logo should be 156 x 22 pixels, 256 colors.
  2. Run Oemstamp.exe. This file is under your Wizard folder of the reference computer. The syntax for this command is:
    Oemstamp logo.bmp					
  3. This creates the Logo.sys file under the directory in which you ran Oemstamp.exe.
  4. If it exists, rename the \Logo.sys file; for example, Logo.old.
  5. Copy the new Logo.sys file, which you created, to \Logo.sys.
  6. Click Start, Shutdown, select Restart, and click OK to reboot the reference computer.

    You should be able to see your logo on the startup screen when the machine restarts.
  7. Once you have tested your Startup Screen logo, delete the \Logo.sys file. Rename Logo.old file as Logo.sys, if it exists.
For modifying the Startup Screen logo on the target machine, please follow steps 1-3 above on the reference or other computer. Steps 4-6 should be done on the target machine in audit mode.

To test the System Properties logo, please follow the procedure detailed below:
  1. If your reference machine contains an OEM release of Windows 95 or 98 which was preinstalled, then rename the Oemlogo.bmp present under the C:\Windows\System folder. For example, You could rename it to Oemlogo_old.bmp.

    If your reference machine runs Windows 95 or Windows 98, which was not preinstalled, then please do the following:
  2. Open Notepad and type in the following where <somename> denotes your company name:[General]

  3. Save the file as "Oeminfo.ini" (with the quotation marks) under the C:\Windows\System Folder.
  4. Create a System Properties logo file according to the specifications. The Preinstallation Guide specifies the System Properties logo to be 96 x 96 (small fonts), or 120 x 120 (large fonts), 256 colors.
  5. Save this file as Oemlogo.bmp under the C:\Windows\System folder.

    You can now check the appearance of your System Properties logo by opening Control Panel, and double-clicking the System icon.
  6. Delete the new Oemlogo.bmp file and rename the Oemlogo_old.bmp file as Oemlogo.bmp, if it exists.

To Modify the System Properties logo:
  1. Copy the OEMlogo.bmp file under the C:\Windows\System folder of your target machine.
  2. Click Yes if prompted to replace the existing file.

    You can now check how the new logo appears.
For additional information about splash screen logos, please see the followingarticle in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

201915 PRB: Problem with Splash Screen Logo While Preinstalling

For information about preinstallation please refer to:
preinstall System Properties Logo Startup Screen Logo.sys Oemlogo.bmp SBK OPK

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