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DHCP Options Not Set by SBS Setup

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Small Business Server (SBS) clients are unable to find the SBS server or any resources registered with WINS, especially if there is a router on the LAN between the clients and the SBS server.
The SBS automated setup program configures the DHCP scope with the address range of 10.0.0.x with a subnet mask of

No other supporting options, such as the addresses of WINS servers, the DNS domain name, and the router (default gateway) address, are set.
To work around this problem, use the DHCP Options menu in DHCP Manager to add the following options to the default DHCP scope for improved functionality.Except for router all other options can be added as global options; the router option is added as a Scope option.

NOTE: Global options apply to all subnets. Scope options apply to the particular scope for which they are configured.
  • Option 003 Router: Add the address of the SBS server's internal network interface card (NIC). Default is
  • Option 015 Domain Name: Specify the Internet registered domain name, if you have one.
  • Option 044 Wins/NBNS servers: Add the SBS server's internal NIC's address two times. Default is
  • Option 046 WINS/NBT Node Type: Set this to your preferred node type, usually 0x8 (h-node) or 0x4 (m-node).
You do not need to restart your computer after adding these options. They are provided when an IP address is leased or when a existing lease is renewed.

To force clients to renew their IP information, do the following, depending on the client's operating system.
  • Windows 95 or Windows 98 clients:
    1. Run Winipcfg.exe.
    2. Select the network adapter, and then click Renew.
    3. Click More Info To verify that all the new information has been received by the client computer.
  • Windows NT clients:
    1. At a command prompt, type IPCONFIG /renew.
    2. To check if the new information was received, type IPCONFIG /all | MORE.
More information
These changes should be made if there will be RAS clients on your network.

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