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Using RAS APIs to establish connection on Windows Mobile is not supported

From a network connectivity standpoint, software applications that were originally written for the Windows Mobile environment using RAS APIs should be modified to use the connection Manager APIs. The connection manager API provides additional functionality to include in your applications. The presence of the connection manager eliminates the need to use RAS API directly.It is recommened that you use the connection manager instead of RAS APIs to establish the connection.

The primary purpose of the Connection Manager is to centralize and automate the establishment and management of network connections on a device.

You can find more information about connection manager APIs in Windows Mobile SDK.

You may see some of the following symptons when you use RAS APIs directly to establish the connection on Windows Mobile devices 

1. The connection icon does not get updated to reflect the state of the connection.

2. Connection Manager aware applications like IE Mobile will not recognize this connection.

3. Connections that are not connected using Connection Manager, will not be managed by connection manager. This means that they may be disconnected unexpectedly, be never disconnected, or in certain cases, they may not be usable by other connection manager aware applications.

4.In some cases, you may not be able to successfully establish a data connection using RAS APIs.

RAS Windows Mobile
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